7 Essentials From The ‘90s Wardrobe For The Perfect Retro Outfit

Ace your retro style with these fashion statements from the ‘80s and 90’s

Published On Nov 15, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


We’re at the end of 2022 and after a whole year of watching fashion trends, if there is one style that is going to carry forward to the new year is the retro look. The retro fashion style is ruling wardrobes and how. If you are looking for retro-theme dress ideas, we have everything from bootcut pants to cat-eye glasses and more. All the fashion statements from the ’80s and ’90s that we never dreamt of seeing again are returning with a bang and are here to stay.

Incorporate any of these timeless pieces for the retro outfit of your dream.

After the year that was, we know that none of us wants to squeeze into skinny jeans anymore. Ruling our hearts and wardrobes is a retro fashion style that women will embrace in any season — wide-legged pants. Also known as mom jeans, this versatile piece of garment is too comfortable to replace. Style these breezy pants in a variety of colours with casual t-shirts for a day outing or with a strappy silk number and heels for a night out.

When you’re looking for retro look ideas, one trend that strikes a balance between chic and sass is the denim-on-denim look. Perfect for all ages and across genders, denim on denim can be worn by pairing two similar or distinct denim shades with a monochrome top for some visual balance. A cropped denim jacket with loose denim pants with a white crew neck crop is an effortlessly stylish retro day look for females.

Embrace the quirky retro style by taking your headwear game up a notch. What was once a fashion fad has resurrected in modern times to become a significant part of the fashion industry in 2022. Bucket hats are incredibly stylish and impart a touch of class to fun vacation wear. Swap your fedoras with a printed or solid bucket hat as you jump on the retro outfit bandwagon.

A sexy retro look for women, corsets are back from Y2K, and we’re all ready to embrace this feminine piece of clothing. Designed to create an illusion of a smaller waist, corsets have surprisingly received immense love from celebrities this season. Styling these seductive tops with jeans, shorts and straight trousers, corsets are definitely on our list of first-date outfit ideas.

One of the best retro outfit ideas is mini skirts and white shirts. A tiny but impactful piece of clothing, mini skirts have the power to bring out your feminine style and infuse a simple dinner ensemble with excitement and edge. Whether it is a printed short skirt and cardigan look for a pleasant Sunday brunch or a sexy leather and lace combination, we’re happy to try this trend.

The best retro style for women, biker shorts have been an inspirational look ever since Princess Diana was first spotted exiting the gym in them. Slowly, millennials have owned the retro style while the Kardashian sisters serve us with envious looks that meet our brief of the cool girl aesthetic. Chic, comfortable and casual, take inspiration from the late Princess if you like to keep things classy. With a variety of Blazer styles to choose from, transform your sweaty gym look into an edgy dinner outfit with just one extra piece of clothing.

When we think of a retro outfit, rarely do velour tracksuits pop up. But if they do, you are instantly transported to the early 2000s when Paris Hilton graced the internet with her collection of Juicy Couture and PINK tracksuits. They were everywhere, and now with celebrities like Kiara Advani and Jahnvi Kapoor sporting them, the velour tracksuit is what Bollywood calls a staple airport look.

The first mistake to avoid when following any fashion trend is to not jump on the bandwagon before checking whether the trend compliments your personality. Feel comfortable when embracing a new trend or outfit style before investing your hard-earned money into fast-moving fashion pieces.

When it comes to picking retro look ideas, focus on the fit and silhouette of your outfit. Whether it’s a denim on denim look or a cosy tracksuit, wearing a balanced mix of new styles and retro staples is a game-changing fashion hack. 

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