Maang Tikka Trends That Are A Hit This Wedding Season

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Published On Jan 20, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


A big fat Indian wedding calls for an inevitable desire to stand out from the crowd with your perfectly styled look and statement jewellery! Don’t you agree? So, to keep up with all the wedding shenanigans, let's hit the scene with exquisite jewellery, starting from that one piece that can make or break your outfit—the maang tikka. This quintessential Indian jewellery has deep-rooted significance and is considered a must-have for brides on their D-day.

When it comes to adding the ideal touch of glam to your wedding day look, this beloved trinket is capable of making heads turn. From being the integral element of solah shringar (bridal adornments) to becoming a sensational global fashion statement—the maang tikka has come a long way. It can be accessorized in numerous ways with countless centre-parted hairstyles and exquisite bridal buns. From pieces with intricate detailing to those with simple and delicate elements, there’s a maang tikka for every bride out there.

To start with let’s peep into Alia Bhatt’s jewellery closet for some maang tikka inspiration:

This oversized and dramatic maang tikka is bold enough to make a statement and perfectly match your wedding day’s electrifying energy. This oversized accessory has the power to make you stand out on your special day. Here’s proof: look at Alia Bhatt as she steals the show by parting her glamorous pink lehenga with a big maang tikka to keep the spotlight on her. In her case, this gold accessory with precious red stones is doing all the talking.

Passed down to us from the magnificent courts of Mughals, polki is indeed one of its kind—and even today, possessing polki is seen as a noteworthy addition to an Indian woman's jewellery collection. Encrusted with uncut diamonds, a polki maang tikka is definitely an ideal choice for a wedding. Once again Alia Bhatt’s Maang tikka serves as a graceful inspiration as she spices up her gorgeous navy blue ensemble, with a contrasting baby pink Polki maang tikka and choker combo. Alia made sure that her accessories and clothing grab all the eyeballs—keeping her makeup minimal and opting for a messy ponytail for a close friend’s wedding.

For the minimalist bride, this maang tikka will be a natural pick—take inspiration from super stylish Alia who chose a simple emerald and gold floral maang tikka, and styled it with a sleek ponytail that complemented her attire without overpowering it.

Marrying your soulmate on a starry night sounds like a magical dream, doesn’t it? Not just to your vows, don’t let anyone stop you from adding the enigmatic glory of the moon to your attire. A Chaand Bali maang tikka is indeed a classic gem to flaunt your sophistication as our fashionista Sonam did at her sister’s Rhea Kapoor’s wedding and indeed made it more magical.

Unsure about which maang tikka will suit you? Don’t worry we have got the timeless Kundan Maang tikka for you that will pair effortlessly with each and every outfit. Being one of the oldest forms of jewellery in India, with a rich legacy, you can never go wrong with Kundan.

The Rajasthani borla maang tikka is a celebrated accessory. Rich in ethnicity and given to us by Rajput queens and princesses who reigned over the land, as portrayed in many blockbuster movies like Jodha Akbar and Padmavat, this maang tikka has made a buzzing comeback thanks to desi brides who have been adorning it elegant hairstyles. Donning the Borla with electric purple is definitely an electrifying look, courtesy Sonam.

Let’s move on to stringed maang tikkas and learn how to style them:

Single string maang tikka is a blessing for happy-go-lucky brides, as it strikes the right balance between simplicity and elegance. It is neither too plain nor too flashy. Similarly, a double-stringed maang tikka rests elegantly over the bride's forehead, framing her features. The only difference is that it contains two strands rather than one.

For brides aiming to serve royal looks on their big day, the multiple-stringed mattha patti is here. This statement piece is known for drawing attention to itself and the bride—sitting beautifully like a crown with row upon row of pearls, kundan, or polki.

Photo: Pixahive/ Sukhjinder