This Is How You Can Get Salon Like Blow-Dried Hair At Home

Get perfect blow-dried hair at home every time by following these tips.

Published On Jan 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


That confidence you get when you blow-dry hair and leave the salon is unmatchable. You feel ten times more beautiful—almost like a supermodel. However, hopping into a salon every time you have a party or event to attend is not feasible—both pocket-wise and schedule-wise.

So, blow-drying your hair at home is the best possible solution, but there is no point in using heat on your wet hair if you don’t know to get the best results. That’s why we are teaching you how to blow dry hair or set your hair using a hairdryer. Also on offer are some easy tips to help you achieve the best results while blow-drying hair at home.

Salon hair drying, also popularly known as dry blow hair, exposes damp hair to hot and dry air. The heat manipulates the original shape of the hair while the air makes the hair soft and frizz-free. The heat action is accentuated with the use of a hairbrush that helps straighten the hair and give it volume and shape.

When it comes to shopping for the best blow dryer, you will find various options in the market. But remember, you need a minimum wattage of around 1800-2000 to produce optimum results. You must also go for a blow dryer which offers a speed control feature as it is essential for you to be able to adjust the heat.

The two most common technologies used in hair dryers are ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic-based hair dryers emit intense heat—hence they are perfect if you want to dry your hair quickly. On the other hand, tourmaline technology offers negative-ion emitting crystals, which increase the shine of your hair and make it smooth.  

A common perception most girls have is that washing hair is not a part of a perfect blow-dry routine. You can either use regular shampoo or moisturising shampoo to make your hair smooth. Using the latter will also make your hair shiny and healthy. After washing your hair, use a conditioner for best results.

Hair is prone to damage when wet—that’s why you must not harshly rub your hair with a towel to dry your hair. Instead, wrap your hair in a T-shirt or microfibre towel and remove it when you feel your hair is about 70% dry. Always apply a heat protection hair spray to decrease the amount of damage before you go in with a hot styling tool.

Never use a brush on wet hair as it is prone to severe damage. Instead, you can go with a wide-toothed comb to detangle your wet hair. Alternatively, you can opt for a brush with soft bristles as it will put your strands through the wringer. Most hair styling experts recommend using a hairbrush with ceramic bristles as it retains more heat while blow-drying.

Once you have detangled your hair, divide it into top, middle, and bottom sections. Keep in mind that the most considerable section will consume extra time for drying and hair setting as long hairs. Here are a few expert tips on how you should dry your hair:

  • Attach the nozzle on the dryer and always dry your hair from the roots, working your way down.
  • There is always a big difference between drying your hair and styling your hair. Most of us set the highest temperature on the dryer and just expose our hair to the heat. Maintain an equal distance between the dryer and hair. Start with the neck by dividing hair there into small sections, taking the aid of clips as and when needed.
  • When blow-drying hair, the best tip you have to consider is keeping the brush at a 45-degree angle to make the best hairstyles ever. You can use a thick salon-like brush for best results.

After blow-drying, treat your hair with a serum or cold air to increase shine. Take some hair serum on your palms, rub it and apply it evenly throughout the length of your hair for an extra boost.

Always remember the golden rule while blow-drying your hair: divide them into smaller sections and keep the airflow from roots to the bottom. Ultimately, you will get salon-like results if you follow the tips mentioned above on how to blow dry hair at home. 

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