Laura Mercier Brings Their Makeup Artistry To India, Here’s What To Expect

The French American beauty brand steps into Mumbai's makeup scene as its first store at Phoenix Palladium open doors to excited shoppers

Published On Mar 01, 2024 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


“One morning, I woke up to WhatsApp messages from my teams in China, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, US, and Europe telling me they’ve run out of online stock of the Real Flawless Foundation because of a viral video!” reminisces Marco Ficarelli, chief revenue officer of Laura Mercier Cosmetics. A quick chat over coffee revealed how the makeup giant had to boost production overnight to meet the demand (or hunger!) for the foundation and I was shook. A foundation going out of stock within hours of a video going viral is the world we’re living in right now; and it’s an exciting one. “First, I want to say this doesn't happen by chance because the product is strong, it's a nice assortment, good proposition, and different shades to accommodate different people from around the world. And then, it is so easy to use,” elaborates Marco in the same breath. 

He’s not wrong because the Real Flawless Weightless Perfecting Foundation, which was developed with the eponymous and iconic makeup artist Laura Mercier, indeed lives up to the hype. It’s lightweight, spreads easy and gives your skin, well, a skin-like finish. It is recognised as the brand’s fastest hero product, unintentionally driven by organic influencer marketing. The product's strength is further emphasised by its rapid and organic growth.

Makeup lovers globally are well versed with the ways of the French makeup giant Laura Mercier. The brand is largely contributed with innovating the tinted moisturiser and its translucent powder is the best in the market (yes, we said it!). And with the influx of major beauty brands in the country, LM is one that’s coming in to meet people with bated breaths.  

“Number one, we’re a makeup artistry brand. It was founded by a woman who was performing as a makeup artist and then put the expression of her artistry into the brand," Marco expresses. He goes on to say that there are not many makeup artistry brands in the market, and Laura Mercier is a person who is still alive, actively working, and contributing to the development of the brand. The global teams are consistently in touch with her, presenting innovations and products, and receiving experienced insights for developing future products. It is a makeup artistry brand with the makeup artist still involved in its development, providing authenticity to the brand itself.

A familiar term for many beauty lovers, LM can be largely attributed to the popularity of the 'no-makeup makeup look'. The brand revolves around the concept of a 'Flawless Face' look, a makeup style created by Laura Mercier herself. This aesthetic aims to provide a natural appearance without the obvious look of makeup, allowing women to express their personalities authentically. The commitment to maintaining this 'Flawless Face' look is evident in the consistent development of the brand. Interacting with the products and visiting the stores reveals a special touch that expresses the core values of the brand. The foundation colours and hero products originated from Laura's vision, empowering women to self-express through makeup.

Laura Mercier also happens to be one of the most inclusive brands out there. “Being a makeup artistry brand, it’s compulsory to be inclusive, because on the runway, the models have diverse different skin tones face shapes,” explains Marco. He reflects on the brand’s global presence in around 50 countries, with plans to expand further, thus stressing the need for being inclusive to accommodate diverse beauty trends by offering a wide range of products. While also staying on-trend, they maintain relevance by catering to various consumer preferences and ensuring a comprehensive assortment. Both matte and shiny gloss girlies can find something for themselves in their range!

Marco also pointed to their dedication to sustainability as a key driver for the brand's growth and success. To ensure sustainability, an innovation committee within the company is set in place, and all new products launched are required to have sustainable elements. Sustainability is a key performance indicator (KPI) in the innovation process, and any product lacking sustainable features is removed from the innovation funnel. This approach is applied to the entire portfolio of products owned by the company. Decisions within the company, including product choices, are often influenced by considerations of sustainability both within and beyond the organisation.

In addition to the viral foundation, there's lots the brand has to offer. “It’s our hero products! Laura Mercier is known for the famous Translucent Setting Powder. We have numbers from countries where Laura Mercier powder is the number one makeup product in the entire market!,” exclaims Marco. Noteworthy is also the caviar stick, a product that serves multiple purposes and is considered the gem of every makeup artist. The brand's identity is closely tied to its hero products. Consumer trends and purchase patterns, with TSP consistently present in each shopping basket, contribute to the brand's strength. This trend is observed even among younger consumers who express an interest in trying the powder, a makeup product that provides a no-makeup effect. Marco explains that this allows teenagers entering the world of makeup to feel at ease using a product that is not overly heavy.

While you can pick up your own LM products online from Parcos, if you happen to visit the store, Marco has some ideas for that. The brand’s flagship stores or well-appointed boutiques usually draw a lot of patrons can relish a comprehensive product selection. “In store you have the experience of the brand, the touch and feel, our makeup artists and beauty consultants that are very well trained and enrich the brand experience for the consumer and form a relationship,” he assures.  

So, whether you are hoping to pick up their new foundation or some of their more functional and multi-use offerings, this product range needs to be on your browsing list. Just imagine the convenience of the Caviar Stick for quick makeup touch-ups, which Marco recommends being a must-have in every individual's bag.

It's not everyday you get to chat with the CRO of a major beauty brand so I had to ask “Why India?”, to which Marco responded saying that the Indian beauty market holds significant importance, particularly in the makeup-oriented segment. From a global perspective, being present in the Indian market is deemed essential for a brand to achieve true global status. 

The robust online presence of the market further aids in implementing a multi-channel concept by the brand, aligning with strategies employed in other key markets of theirs like as China where a substantial 80 per cent of sales occur online. And with a partner like Baccarose, they hope to explore newer segments and expanding categories, after establishing themselves in makeup and putting their best face forward (quite literally!). Marco's hint? Bath & Body; how fabulous!

Photo: /InstagramLauramercier