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How To Grow A Beard For A Well-Defined Chiseled Jawline

If your goal is to ace that Virat Kohli beard style, try these tips to keep your facial hair trimmed and tamed.

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Gone are the days when skincare was limited to an all-woman audience. Today, more and more men are focusing on their appearances because it makes them feel good and look more desirable. Grooming forms an integral part of a man’s dapper look and skincare, particularly the face cannot be missed out. As an extension a beard is part of a man’s grooming ritual. 

But no one teaches men how to grow a beard. Fathers do impart basic lessons on how to shave, but beard growth is largely dependent on a man’s genetic disposition. If you’re wondering how to grow beard faster, start by maintaining it.

We have some tips up our sleeve to help you get that desired Virat Kohli beard style:

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The first step to growing a healthy beard is to understand the texture of your facial hair. Someone who shaves or even trims their beard regularly will know the direction their manes flow. If the texture is curly with patches, you need to have patience for a long thick beard, considering hair takes time to grow. Fast-growing hair, on the other hand, requires frequent trimming. The idea is to set realistic beard expectations irrespective of your growth pattern.

If you are wondering how to grow a beard that compliments your facial features, start by assessing the shape of your face. Growing a beard is one thing, maintaining it to enhance your face is another. If you have a round face, a well-trimmed beard on the sides with hair on the chin will create the appearance of a longer face. For an oval-shaped face, try the opposite. Leave hair on the sides and trim around the chin to create an angular appearance. Still confused? Take inspiration from our Bollywood actors who slay hearts in their bearded avatars here.

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It might sound strange, but shaving first can help you grow your beard faster. A good close shave stimulates the hair follicles on your face by reducing the number of ingrown bumps. Once your face is prepped clean, it's time to invest in a good skincare routine. A pre-shaving oil will give your facial hair a direction and act as a lubricant to prevent razor cuts. Lather on a dollop of shaving cream, and based on your choice of razor, shave along the grain. Finish off with an alcohol-free moisturiser to calm and hydrate your skin.

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To grow a healthy beard, bid goodbye to your razor for at least two months. Patience is a virtue you must master during this period and let those whiskers do their job. After waiting for two months, trim out the frizzy hair for a perfectly cultivated beard. If your beard hair feels itchy during these two months, use a stubble balm to soften your beard. Beard oil also works well to make the mane more tolerable by keeping the skin under your face moisturized.

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The secret to getting that Virat Kohli beard is crisp out the lines. You’re not supposed to touch your growing beard, but a well-maintained beard needs regular grooming. By grooming, we mean intentional cleanup when the growth gets wild to your neck. Identify your neckline by creating a U from ear to ear. Use a trimmer or razor to clean below it so that the next time your beard begins to grow out, you know where the lines are. Take cues from our Indian cricket team players, who are always in line with their beards and their game.

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There is a fine line between the ‘I have a beard’ look, and ‘I haven’t shaved in a week’ look. So once you’ve crossed the two-month bridge, it is time to shape your beard. Wash your facial hair with a beard wash to soften them before brushing them out. Snip loose flyaways with a scissor, and then use a trimmer to shape your beard to the desired length. All you need to do next is keep those lines crisp.

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If you have reached this step, congratulations! You have a full-grown healthy beard, and all that hard work has paid off. But what next? Invest in good quality beard products that keep your whiskers looking their best. From beard oils to smoothen your hair and moisturize the skin beneath, to a beard balm that tames flyaways, you will need a weekly routine even if you don’t trim. Check out these influencer-approved men’s skincare brands here.

These tips will not only help you grow your whiskers but choose an appropriate hair style with beard that complements your personality. If you have some tricks that helped you grow a healthy beard, share them with us too. 

Photo: Instagram/ Virat Kohli; Shutterstock
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