Here Are 5 Things That Will Affect Your Perfume Picks In 2024

From orange infusions to oudh, here's what's going to be dominating your fragrance vanity in 2024.

Published On Feb 20, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


2024 is a year of nostalgia, and the top fragrance trends point to that as well. “The year will see a focus on herbs, natural scents and vague as recognisable notions of realism and nostalgia emerges,” reveals Astha Suri, founder and creative director, NASO. As for the notes, formulations and categories, we've got some interesting insights there as well. Starting with…

Astha reveals, “Anticipating fragrance trends for 2024, we see a surge in orange infusions, as the yellow fruit and flower family brings brightness and uniqueness to the industry.” When out shopping, look for citrusy, zesty, and refreshing aroma of oranges, in your choices. There scents can be used alone or blended with other complementary notes to, from sweet and fruity to fresh and invigorating. 

Astha elaborates, “Consumers are increasingly drawn to scents that not only make a personal statement but also align with their environmental values. This could lead to a surge in fragrances featuring natural and responsibly sourced ingredients, reflecting a broader societal shift toward sustainability.” Sustainability as a whole seems to taking over beauty and we're all for it. Cleaner beauty routines mean cleaner environments that thrives with us and isn't that just beautiful!

Oudh continues to thrive, gaining even more popularity as a preferred choice,” confesses Astha. Also called oud or agarwood fragrances, these scents showcase the aroma of oudh, a resin from the agarwood tree. Valued for its rich, woody scent, oudh is described as deep, earthy, smoky, and sometimes sweet. These perfumes can be pure oudh compositions or blended for complexity, rooted in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian traditions, now globally popular for their association with luxury and sophistication. Available in various forms, oudh fragrances are sought-after for their unique and enduring nature in perfumery.

“The trend towards bespoke layers and genderless nuances remains a prominent and lasting feature in the perfume landscape,” reveals Astha. Aso known as unisex or gender-neutral fragrances, these scents that are not designed  with a specific gender in mind. They break away from traditional gender norms in perfumery, avoiding stereotypical masculine or feminine notes. Often featuring a balanced blend of ingredients that can be universally appealing, the focus lies on versatility and inclusivity. They have become increasingly popular as a reflection of changing attitudes towards gender and individual expression in society in general.

Astha reveals, “Customisable fragrances is expected to gain momentum in 2024. Brands may explore innovative ways to offer consumers the ability to tailor their scents, allowing for a more individualized olfactory experience.” So grab a notepad and describe yourself as a perfume. The increasing use of AI and tech by brands and searching the ideal fragrance for you is also going to lend a helping hand to allow you live your truths via your signature scent!

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