From Weddings To Events, 7 Easy-To-Create Winter Saree Looks

Who said sarees can't be worn in the winter season? Here are 7 winter saree looks that are elegant and graceful.

Published On Dec 21, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Sarees are the perfect attire for weddings, baby showers, or any other event. There is no end to saree styling ideas, with the right accessories, you can create a new saree look every time. With winter giving us the chills, let's not reject our sarees, thinking they’ll make us look unfashionable and bulky with sweaters and jackets. There are a plethora of ways to style your saree for winter without having to shiver in a backless blouse on a cold December night!
So here are seven chic saree styling tips to ace your winter saree look. After all, the six yards of elegance and grace are perfect for all our moods, festivities, and events!

Here are some tips on styling your saree for winter

Coats are the first thing we think of wearing with our sarees in winter, and rightly so. They are warm and fashionable and certainly match our saree look. However, you need to be mindful of certain things while styling your winter saree look with a coat. For instance, choosing a coat in fabrics such as synthetic and polyester will add a layer to your outfit, but it won't do much to keep you warm. Hence, a woollen coat is always a smarter choice. Consider wearing trench coats with your saree, as it's the perfect mix of fashion and comfort to ace that winter saree look with the coat.

Have you ever thought of wearing your denim jacket with your saree? If it feels weird, then you should try it once, and there’ll be no going back! Denim jackets look cold with sarees and give you an edge over the rest. You can wear a denim jacket to create that winter party look in a saree for all those casual and fun parties. But denim jackets are not all you can add to your winter saree look. You may also try velvet and faux fur jackets because they are chic and ideal for those classy winter cocktails or other outdoor events during winter.

Choosing the right blouse design is very important in styling a saree look in winter. Winter-appropriate blouses are the ones with full sleeves. You can either choose a deep neck blouse with long sleeves and accessorise with neck pieces or go for turtlenecks and add a long neckpiece over that. In the absence of a polo neck skivvy in an appropriate colour, you can also opt for a fitted sweater to be used as a blouse. These look sleek and are perfect for a winter saree look for the wedding.

Cardigans and blazers are some of the most stylish winterwear. If you didn’t already know, you can style your ethnic saree look with a cardigan or a blazer in a complementing shade and create a smart and chic winter saree look. Whether dressing for work or a wedding, sarees with cardigans and blazers are a great and comfortable choice during winter. You can style your pallu above or below your cardigan/blazer, but this winter addition will instantly render elegance and grace!

A necessity for many women and an accessory of a graceful look for some, shawls and stoles are a winter addition to the saree look that has remained in style forever. Your winter wardrobe is incomplete without shawls and stoles. Knowing the art of draping a shawl aesthetically to enhance the charm of your saree is a trick that can work wonders for your festive look! Your shawl can work as a pallu, or it can be wrapped around your neck and cinched with a belt around your waist. If it's too cold, you can wrap a warm woollen stole of colours complementing your saree around your neck and let it be. For a formal look, you may go with Kashmiri shawls with kani embroidery or woollen shawls with kutch or mirror work. For a winter saree look for a wedding, nothing says festive as an elegant silk dupatta or a pashmina shawl. Warm and chic, these shawls work amazing as a second pallu and instantly elevate your winter saree look.

Cotton silk and tussar silk are the fabrics we usually avoid to limit the risk of looking bulky. The ideal saree fabrics for winter are silk, velvet, and brocade. If you’re aiming for a winter party look in a saree, velvet and silk sarees with intricate embroideries and designs will look stunning. They add the required festive vibe while ensuring that you’re warm and look slender. Go for deep colours during winter and choose sarees in colours like emerald green, burgundy, royal blue, etc., because they exude much-needed warmth and add charm to your festive look!

To add a little glamour to your saree look in winter, you may include scarves, hats, and chunky jewellery to the outfit. Gloves and mittens are another addition that keeps your hands warm and adds a gracious royal look to your gorgeous silk or chiffon saree. Adding a jacket and a belt around the waist is another way to enhance your winter saree look, as it ensures you look toned and in style. Boots, denim jackets, and oxidised jewellery form another way of styling your saree look in winter that has a nice Indo-Western touch to it.

Photo: Instagram/ rangriwaaz, ishitamangal