From Rani Mukerji in KKHH To Ananya Panday in SOTY 2: A Look At Evolution Of College Fashion In Bollywood

Collegiate appearances shown in Hindi cinema have also changed dramatically over time.

Published On Jul 15, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


One of the most exciting things that kids look forward to before going to college is getting rid of their uniforms. Over the years, Bollywood films have had a significant influence on college fashion. Collegiate appearances shown in Hindi cinema have also changed dramatically over time. Let's take a look at how the depiction of college fashion in Bollywood has changed over the years.

Tina Malhotra, played by Rani Mukerji, was much ahead of her time with her fashion statement, which was always 'on fleek'. Tina's look in the movie became the most fashionable among ladies back in the day. Tina’s shimmer dress with strappy heels in the song ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ gained major popularity as many went on to take inspiration from her look. 
Tina captivated many hearts with neutral colours that complemented her personality, from two-piece sets to traditional attire. Her daring fashion taste is thought to be ahead of her time. Every outfit came with matching bags and other accessories.

Rahul Khanna, played by Shah Rukh Khan, was always 'cool'. He was seen sporting bright t-shirts, zipper coats, and even a neck chain with the word 'COOL' to add to his mischievous attitude.  Rahul’s blue t-shirt in the song ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ was a rage back in the day as many wanted to steal the look. However, as he progressed through college and became a responsible man and a loving parent, his wardrobe style changed. In the second part of the film, he assumed the role of a businessman, wearing stylish suits with earthy or muted tones and, on occasion, a tie.

Poo aka Kareena Kapoor Khan from K3G was a great inspiration when it came to fashion. Her character needs no introduction, and neither does her fashion sense! The fact that millennials and influencers ape her looks even today proves that Poo’s the ultimate fashion icon who will never go out of style. Poo wore a variety of fashion trends throughout the film, from crop tops and fur collars to sheer and co-ord ensembles with ease. Given that fashion was still changing at the time, there were a few less-than-ideal ensembles in the film—but still, we have Poo to thank for changing our perception of college looks.

Shanaya wore every brand you can think of and nailed it like a pro! She made sure she turned heads in surprise and admiration with her hot shorts, attractive skirts, and that yellow-mellow bikini. Her opening song in the film made it clear that she was the supreme fashionista of St. Teresa on all levels.

The debutant student of St Teresa's fashion class of 2019, Shreya Randhawa played by Ananya Panday, made some big fashion statements with her ensembles in the film Student of the Year 2. Ananya Pandey looked great in skirts, high waist jeans, halter neck and collar zip tops, high slit dresses, and more. From posters to songs, the duo rocked every look like a diva and left admirers speechless.

From Rani Mukerji in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to Alia Bhatt in SOTY, Bollywood fashion has evolved from being sophisticated to subtle. Bollywood actors have also been a fashion inspiration to many as they have impressed fashion enthusiasts with their spectacular choice of clothes in movies. 

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