For Your Eyes Only: Most-Recommended Eyeliners To Try In 2024

Eyeliner stands as the cornerstone of makeup artistry, possessing the unparalleled ability to transform and elevate any look from subtle to striking in mere moments. Whether you're aiming for a sultry smoky eye or a sharp winged look, the magic of eyeliner is undeniable.

Published On Jan 16, 2024 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Ever felt that one small change can set the tone for an entire look? Enter the magical world of eyeliner! Think about it: of all the tools and tricks in our makeup kits, eyeliner reigns supreme as the ultimate game-changer. It's not just about lining those lids; it's about crafting a story, creating allure, and adding that pinch of drama or elegance you crave. Whether you're gearing up for a sassy night out or aiming for a chic daytime vibe, eyeliner is that transformative touch that turns heads and sparks conversations. Dive into this guide, and let's unravel the best eyeliners, ensuring you're always at the top of your eye game!

  1. Pencil eyeliner: This is a classic eyeliner type known for its ease of use. It's great for creating soft lines, smudging for a smokey effect, or defining the waterline. Pencil eyeliners come in both traditional wooden pencils that require sharpening and retractable versions.
  2. Liquid eyeliner: Liquid eyeliners offer precision and intensity. They usually come with a fine brush or felt-tip applicator, allowing for sharp wings, intricate designs, or bold lines close to the lash line. They're perfect for achieving that eyeliner-for-cat eye look.
  3. Gel eyeliner: Housed in pots, gel eyeliners have a creamy consistency. They're favoured for their long-lasting formula and are applied using an eyeliner brush making them an ideal eyeliner for a cat eye. They offer more control than liquid liners, making them suitable for both subtle and dramatic looks.
  4. Pen eyeliner: Combining the ease of a pencil with the precision of liquid, pen eyeliners have a felt tip similar to marker pens. They're the most excellent eyeliner for cat eyes.
  5. Kajal eyeliner: Originating from ancient traditions, kajal eyeliners, especially the best smudge-proof kajal, are known for their deep pigmentation. They're perfect for the waterline, offering a bold and intense look while also providing nourishment to the eyes.
  6. Cake eyeliner: This type comes in a compact and needs activation with water or a mixing medium. Once activated, it creates a smooth, long-lasting line, often favoured by professionals for its versatility.
  7. Powder eyeliner: Typically used to achieve a softer look, powder eyeliners can be applied with an angled brush. They're often used to set pencil or gel liners, intensifying the colour and extending wear time.

Here are some of the best eyeliners to try in 2024 

The best waterproof eyeliner that stands out with its impressive performance. It's effortlessly easy to apply, dries quickly, and offers a smooth, long-lasting finish. The user-friendly packaging and precise felt-tip applicator are perfect for achieving both subtle and bold looks. A single stroke delivers an intense jet-black colour with a matte finish, ensuring no smudging or running throughout the day. Plus, it's easy removal with makeup remover is a bonus. What's more, it's available in eight vibrant shades, making it a versatile choice in the world of liquid liners.

This creamy eyeliner pencil is a must-have for any makeup enthusiast. Its smooth application allows for versatile looks, from precise lines to smudged effects. The rich pigment needs just one swipe for full coverage, without any tugging on the skin or waterline. For those concerned about smudging, it's advisable to use it on the upper eyelid or set it with a touch of eyeshadow on the waterline for added staying power.

For those seeking precision without the fuss, this gel liner in a pot is a game-changer. Its creamy consistency allows for effortless application, whether you're aiming for intricate designs or looking for a perfect eyeliner for cat eye. Unlike some liquid liners that can appear uneven or pencil liners that might not suit everyone, this gel formula offers a consistent, matte finish with a distinctive sheen. Once applied, it stays in place, ensuring your eye makeup remains flawless throughout the day or night.

L'Oréal Paris’s Flash Cat Eyeliner is the best am to pm eyeliner and it looks freshly put on with an impressive endurance! This gem from L'Oréal is a budget-friendly marvel, rivalling higher-end counterparts in quality. Its precision point ensures razor-sharp cat eyes, delivering unmatched pigment in a single stroke.

For those hesitant about their eyeliner skills, L'Oréal has thoughtfully included a user-friendly stencil. Simply detach it from the cap for consistently sharp and precise winged looks. However, seasoned pros can still opt for freehand applications. A standout feature? Its rapid dry time achieves a stunning matte finish within seven seconds.

Top 5 FAQs:

A felt-tip liquid eyeliner is ideal for beginners due to its ease of application and control.

Opt for a precise liquid eyeliner with a fine tip and begin by outlining the desired shape before filling in.

Yes, the best waterproof eyeliner offers longevity and is perfect for daily wear, ensuring your look stays intact throughout the day.

Investing in the best smudge-proof kajal and setting it with a matching eyeshadow can prevent smudging.

While gel eyeliners provide intense pigmentation, it's essential to ensure they are ophthalmologist-tested and safe for the waterline to prevent irritation.

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