Fashion Trends That Will Reign Supreme In 2024

Classic to contemporary, brush up on how the style landscape will evolve in the new year, according to ace designers.

Published On Dec 27, 2023 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


The first leg of the year serves as the perfect platform to be prophetic, at least fashionably speaking. Catwalk looks to collection launches through the previous seasons, a look back provides a predictive peek to look forward to the trends that’ll define the new year. And just as 2023’s overarching themes have started to feel stale, 2024’s styling motifs are here to breathe some new life into the classic and contemporary compartment of your closet. 

To help you hit the reset button, we reached out to leading designers to extrapolate the biggest fashion trends for 2024. Whether you want to stay ahead of the style curve, turn over a new sartorial leaf or simply wish to spruce things up a little, here’s how you can stylishly transition into 2024. 

The new year will bring us courageous opulence and intricate craftsmanship, but also breezy silhouettes and textiles to capture a lightness of being. “For 2024, we foresee a trend embracing ‘Ethereal Elegance’—a blend of soft pastels and serene neutrals, complemented by fluid fabrics and minimalistic designs. This trend reflects a shift towards simplicity and timeless classics, capturing a sense of calm and sophistication in fashion. We envision this translating into elegant, flowing silhouettes that offer comfort without compromising style, symbolizing a harmonious balance between enduring elegance and modernity. This approach not only aligns with contemporary aesthetic preferences but also resonates with Gulabo By Abu Sandeep’s commitment to creating pieces that are perennially stylish. ‘Ethereal Elegance; is more than a style; it's a statement about the future of fashion—subtle, enduring, and stunningly beautiful,” predicts Saudamini Mattu, CEO, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla.

The classic colour combination of ivory and gold will continue to dominate collections, confirms designer Ridhi Mehra. “For the upcoming season, we're falling in love with this timeless mix. Picture the opulence of gold weaving its magic into the soft, ethereal embrace of ivory. It's regal, it's enchanting, and it's the perfect harmony for seeking a touch of the extraordinary in your occasion wear.”

‘Minimal effort for maximum impact’ will be the name of the game in 2024. “We're simplifying, we're decluttering, and yet we're retaining the essence of our vibrant heritage. Imagine being draped in the richness of deep red or adorned in the radiance of Maharani pink, but in the most romantic, minimalist outfit. It's about capturing the spirit of tradition without compromising on the elegance of simplicity,” foresees Mehra. 

The designer duo behind Shantnu & Nikhil, known for their egalitarian approach to fashion and neo-drapes, place their bets on drapes that are an amalgamation of Indian decadence and modern grandeur. “This season, the art of drapery takes centre stage when it comes to bridal fashion. Modern brides are in search of attire that not only showcases style but is also easy to wear. The choices are varied, encompassing layered outfits, free-flowing drapes, and structured drapes that enhance different body shapes. The art of draping becomes the focal point, offering the bride a range of stylish and comfortable options for her special occasions,” share Shantanu and Nikhil Mehra. 

Indian crafts married with international sensibilities will reign supreme. “Break boundaries by blending the precision of tailoring with the timelessness of tradition. Imagine the sleekness of tailored silhouettes intertwining with the grace of conventional attire and crafts. It’s about embracing comfort without sacrificing the heritage embedded in each thread. Picture a perfect harmony where craftsmanship and tradition waltz together, creating ensembles that tell stories. The new year will be all about redefining elegance, embracing individuality, and crafting moments that linger in memory,” shares Mehra.

“Red will be a zest. Glossy to the core or textured, red will make a comeback. With some of juicy red and vibrant orange undertones of our styles, one can remain confident to slay it with a ray of red because this colour is a winner and versatile with all its vibe. Ranging from outfits to accessories, this colour is seasonless and won't fail you ever,” discloses Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia behind Nirmooha by Prreeti Jaiin Nainutia. 

Monochromes will be pulling up its popularity, says Devangi Parekh, Director, Aza Fashions. “Say goodbye to the stigma of wearing white at a wedding. Brides and her bridesmaids are now opting for hues of ivory and white for the big day. In stark contrast, there’ll be a shift towards all things noir. Think black fusion sets, from embellished Indian pant suits to ruffled pre-draped saris.” 

The sartorial swing will decisively move in favour of the re-emergence of feather detailing. “Feathers and fringe, whether it’s on your bag, your dupatta or your sari, these statement embellishments are sure to steal the show. Don’t shy away from sculptural shapes to strategically add volume and drama to your ensembles,” adds Parekh. 

“Time-honoured textiles and weaves, such as Paithani, Patan patola and Bandhani, will retain their position as a timeless classic with an enduring grace. From the ancient looms of the past to the modern looms of today, textiles have been a constant companion, dressing societies in threads of culture, identity, and artistry. Positioned at the forefront of innovation, textiles will not just continually push boundaries through advancements in yarns, materials, and techniques, but also styling. Think Benarasi pant suits or ikat dresses that are proving to be transformative in the realm of fashion, underscoring the enduring allure of textiles,” cites Gautam Gupta, designer, textile revivalist and one half behind the label Asha Gautam. 

“We are going to see a revival of classic and minimal chic, which was also prevalent in 2023. Silhouettes like suiting, elegantly crafted timeless pieces along with well-fitted and tailored midi dresses will continue to charm in 2024. For sweater weather, rely on burgundy shades. We will see a transition into the peach palette for summer months,” says Gabriella Demetriades behind Deme By Gabriella. 

“As 2024 approaches, some distinctive features will include elongated silhouettes, with ultra-high waist or drop waist. Sheer layers will fulfil a sultry look in all—blacks and whites. Overall in 2024, the fashion narrative would shift towards conscious elegance, prioritising locally sourced cellulosic fabrics with breathability and environmental awareness. Surface treatments on these fabrics would add to modern sophistication, subtly weaving eco-conscious innovation into every thread,” reveal Karan Ahuja and Shweta Agarwal of Āroka.

Photo: Instagram/azafashions