Farewell Party Saree Ideas For The Perfectly Glamorous Last Look

Your search for unique and fashionable farewell party saree ideas ends with this list.

Published On May 15, 2024 | Updated On May 23, 2024


The first day at school, or college and the last day there are always significant. Farewells are overwhelming occasions when we celebrate the good times one last time and more often than not, we try to look our presentable best. If you’re a girl looking for the perfect look for those timeless farewell pictures that you can gladly look back at 10 years down the lane, we might have the perfect outfit ideas for you. There is nothing more graceful than 6 yards of a beautiful saree draped around you. Accessorising it right just enhances the charm of a tastefully selected saree. We know there are a lot of ongoing trends, but choosing the best one that suits your style, vibe and body type is imperative.
Scroll down to find a comprehensive list of seven farewell party saree ideas that not only ensure that you look stunning, but are also readily available in your nearby markets or even better, online! From the good old chiffon sarees to the ombré sarees from Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani, here are seven class 12 farewell saree ideas that you cannot miss. We know you loved Deepika Padukone’s timeless blue saree look from YJHD, but now the trend is of satin, sequin, sheer and metallic sarees. The below-listed looks might be just the right inspiration for you to create your ultimate farewell look!


The first on our list of farewell party saree ideas is the timeless and gorgeous chanderi silk saree. From comfort to elegance, the chanderi silk sarees ensure that you’ve got it all. Chanderi silk has its origin in Madhya Pradesh and these sarees have a blend of both traditional and modern designs making it an ideal piece of fabric to commemorate your last day at school/college.


Our list of class 12 farewell saree ideas won’t be complete without mentioning the sheer printed sarees. These sarees are the epitome of grace, perfect to mark the beginning of your adult life. Choose sarees with delicate floral patterns for a more captivating look and you’re ready to set the stage on fire. Go for minimalistic jewellery to match the saree’s subtle vibe. For those of you who detest the glam look and would prefer the sweet and simple avatar instead, a sheer printed saree might be an ideal choice for you. 


Culminate your search for 10th farewell saree ideas with this gorgeous solid satin saree. Satin sarees are known for accentuating your curves and making you feel pretty in your skin. If you’re on the hunt for black saree ideas for farewell, our answer will still be a black satin saree, because how can you ever go wrong with black and satin!? With a smooth and shiny texture, these sarees have a glossy finish and are super comfortable, even for first-time saree drapers. If you’ve found a satin saree you like, don’t look any further and just think of accessorising it now, because you’ve found your perfect match!


You can never go wrong with a georgette saree. If black is your colour, and you’re looking for black saree ideas for farewell, choose a solid black georgette saree and you’ll be the most stunning girl in the room! But if you’re open to colour recommendations, we would also ask you to consider the red wine shade for an exquisite look. With just the right touch of sophistication and elegance, these sarees are perfect for your farewell day. The key is to wear a blouse of a contrasting shade. As for other farewell saree blouse ideas, remember to choose a design that's comfortable and makes you feel confident and good about yourself.


One of the most popular farewell party saree ideas right now is the stunning ombre saree look that Alia Bhatt popularised through her blockbuster movie Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani. A favourite among the latest fashion circles, the ombre saree has many variants - from classic pastels to classy metallics. Choose a shade of colour that you like and you’re ready to slay your farewell look with this saree. For farewell saree blouse ideas to match this saree, you can go for the sleeveless blouses seen in Alia’s look in RARKPK or perhaps an alter neck or collar neck long-sleeved blouse. Tie a sleek bun or leave your hair open by adding some curls, and remember to wear minimal jewellery with this saree look. If the Manish Malhotra sarees in the film stole your heart, do check out other MM sarees worn by Bollywood celebrities


Consider choosing a metallic saree while going through the 10th farewell saree ideas. These sarees have a magnetic appeal that adds a dazzling sass to your overall look. All about modernity and sophistication, the metallic saree is perfect for that elite and graceful farewell charm. Go for minimalistic jewellery and a skeel blouse to ensure that your saree’s poise thane centre stage. If you’re confused with colours, we’d recommend going for a gold or black metallic saree and to complement it with statement jewellery.


One of the finest farewell party saree ideas you can consider is the classic velvet saree look. Drape yourself in a gorgeous and classy velvet farewell that instantly adds a subtle grace and elegance to your look. These sarees look best in darker shades of maroon, black, dark brown, royal blue etc. and long-sleeved blouses are known to enhance the look. Pair these sarees with statement jewellery and get ready for all the compliments as you walk down the corridors of your school/college one last time! 

Photo: Instagram/kritisanon