Exploring Fashion Nostalgia: The New Archies Movie’s Star Cast Styled To Sweet Perfection

In Zoya Akhtar's reimagined world of the Archies, the characters have nailed the old-school look, right down to the smallest detail. Join us as we delve into the star cast's fashion moments that evoke a strong sense of nostalgia from days gone by.

Published On Sep 21, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


As the eagerly anticipated release date of Netflix's latest cinematic gem, The Archies, directed by the acclaimed Bollywood filmmaker Zoya Akhtar, draws near, the excitement and anticipation among fans continue to soar. The Archies is a cinematic adaptation of the beloved comic series that holds a special place in the hearts of many who grew up reading it. The misadventures of Archie Andrews and his gang have remained a timeless source of entertainment, and the prospect of a fresh take on these beloved characters has fans counting down the days.

Introducing a talented ensemble cast, all of whom are newcomers to the world of film. The question of how these newcomers will breathe life into iconic characters is a topic that has piqued the curiosity of many eager fans. To build anticipation for the film's release, the creative team has already unveiled a promising trailer and a series of posters that showcase the cast donning vintage attire, perfectly immersing themselves in the retro world of The Archies.

The movie's styling has triggered a revival of fashion trends from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and more, thanks to the meticulous attention to detail required for the film's setting. The promotional materials released so far have treated us to delightful fashion moments from the star-studded cast, further intensifying our anticipation for the movie's release. 

Join us as we revel in some of the most remarkable looks from the movie thus far

The promotional poster featuring the ensemble cast of The Archies movie instantly grabbed the attention of fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. The poster showcases each character donning fantastic outfits that pay homage to the bygone eras, creating a captivating visual experience.

Among the standout looks, that of Mihir Ahuja, who portrays Jughead, is particularly noteworthy. Jughead's iconic appearance, characterised by his statement cap and striped trousers, has been recreated in this portrayal. What sets Mihir Ahuja's look apart is the seamless balance between staying true to the beloved Jughead we've all adored while infusing a fresh twist.

The authenticity of The Archies movie's styling is undoubtedly one of its standout features, and it's clear from yet another poster that showcases the star-studded cast impeccably dressed as their respective characters. This commitment to authenticity is beautifully exemplified by Aditi Dot's portrayal of Midge.

In this poster, Aditi Dot's look as Midge is a striking reminder of the floral prints that were undeniably fashionable during the era. The ensemble skillfully balances bold, oversized flower prints with intricate floral patterns, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing composition. Notably, the use of light base colours ensures that the various floral elements don't clash but rather come together to form a charming and nostalgic fashion statement.

The first teaser for The Archies, offering a glimpse into the Indian version of the iconic Riverdale, left an indelible impression on fans, and one of the standout moments was Suhana Khan's portrayal of Veronica Lodge. The young actress has certainly showcased her talent and mastery of her iconic character.

In particular, one of Suhana Khan's outfits, a stunning pink shimmery ensemble worn during one of her dance sequences, is a visual masterpiece. This look not only captures the essence of Veronica Lodge but also demands attention and admiration, true to the character.

Betty Cooper is undoubtedly an iconic character from The Archies universe, known for her spunky and bubbly energy that has endeared her to fans for generations. As portrayed by Khushi Kapoor in The Archies movie, Betty's character appears to be brimming with potential, and fans are eagerly anticipating how this beloved character will be brought to life on the big screen.

Khushi Kapoor's portrayal of Betty showcases impeccable attention to old-school fashion, staying true to the character's vintage charm. In particular, one look stands out, featuring a silhouette that exudes a strong vintage vibe. The ensemble, characterised by puffed-up sleeves and a voluminous skirt, captures the essence of classic fashion trends. The carefully chosen colour scheme of the dress adds an extra layer of charm to the overall look, making it a delightful nod to the fashion aesthetics of the past.

In The Archies movie, Reggie, a character known for his frenemy status with Archie and Jughead, appears to have undergone a transformation that adds a touch of bad-boy charm. Vedang Raina's portrayal of Reggie showcases a different facet of vintage fashion, leaning more towards the edgy biker aesthetic rather than the traditional goody-two-shoes look.
One striking look for Reggie is characterised by a black leather jacket, black trousers, and a white t-shirt—an ensemble that epitomises the essence of an old-school bad boy. The all-black attire, punctuated by the minimal yet impactful use of white, perfectly captures the rebellious spirit of Reggie and the era in which the character thrived.

Dilton Doiley, the resident book-lover and genius in the world of Riverdale, is indeed the embodiment of a good-natured character, and his distinctive fashion sense adds to his charm. Portrayed by Yuvraj Menda in The Archies movie, Dilton's character exudes a warm and endearing vibe that fans are sure to love.

One of the standout aspects of Dilton's character is his quirky and distinctive wardrobe. From his eccentric bow ties to his distinctive glasses, from his unconventional choice of prints and colours to his interesting hairstyle, every element of Dilton's look comes together to create a unique and lovable persona.

Archie Andrews, the iconic and titular character of the Archies comics, is brought to life by Agastya Nanda in The Archies movie. As the quintessential good guy and the object of affection for both Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, Archie is a character that's easy to love.
Agastya Nanda's portrayal of Archie captures the essence of this beloved character while infusing a modern twist into the look. Archie's outfits are characterised by an eye-catching colour palette, wide-legged trousers featuring prints that are reminiscent of old-school fashion, and equally distinctive t-shirts. This fresh take on Archie's style makes him not only ready to impress but also showcases his personality through his unique and vibrant wardrobe choices.

Photo: Instagram/thearchiesonnetflix