Decoding Personal Style Sense Of The Cast Of The Archies Movie On Netflix

With an ensemble of fresh faces, our curiosity about The Archies star cast is at an all-time high. Join us as we delve into the fashion sense of these rising stars, analyzing their unique styles and sartorial choices.

Published On Sep 21, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


The anticipation surrounding Netflix's The Archies, directed by the renowned Bollywood filmmaker Zoya Akhtar, is palpable, and for good reason. This movie, adapted from the beloved comic The Archie, has stirred excitement among fans of the comic series. As one of Bollywood's first forays into bringing this cherished comic to life, the buzz is entirely warranted. Positioned as a seamless blend of Bollywood flair and the nostalgic charm of the old-school world of The Archies, this upcoming film promises to be an intriguing watch. Zoya Akhtar's meticulous attention to detail and dedication to authenticity is evident, as she strives to deliver a memorable and delightful experience for fans of The Archies comic.

In her pursuit to create a fresh and vibrant world for the film, Zoya Akhtar has assembled an entirely new cast of fresh-faced talents to embody the iconic characters. The excitement surrounding the movie naturally extends to getting to know more about the actors themselves. Their personalities, fashion styles, and sartorial choices have captivated the audience. In today's world, where personal fashion styles are celebrated and worn with confidence, the inimitable fashion sense of these emerging stars has further piqued the interest of fans.
Each member of this star-studded cast possesses a unique and personal style that has evolved over the years. Their individuality and ease with their chosen looks shine through both on and off the camera. Whether in front of the lens or in their everyday lives, you can count on them to put their best fashion foot forward. An exploration of their real-life fashion choices, devoid of stylists, themes, or cinematic constraints, is a remarkable and insightful experience.

While the fashion looks from the trailer and posters have already garnered praise, this is an opportune moment to delve into the authentic fashion styles of this stunning star cast when they're not gracing the screen with their fashionable personas. It's a chance to appreciate their diverse aesthetics and personal styles, providing a deeper understanding of these emerging talents beyond the roles they portray.

Khushi Kapoor, who takes on the role of Betty Cooper in the movie, has always been known for her innate sense of fashion. While she undeniably has had excellent fashion influences from her famous sisters and mother, the budding actress has steadily carved out her unique style. Her fashion choices reflect her evolution into a confident individual with a distinct fashion identity.

In this stunning look, Khushi Kapoor effortlessly combines a subtly patterned skirt with a simple black cardigan. This ensemble is a testament to her minimalist yet confident fashion sensibility. The outfit exudes glamour without the need for excessive embellishments or additional frills, showcasing Khushi Kapoor's ability to make a striking fashion statement with understated elegance.

The male members of The Archies star cast are certainly not lagging when it comes to setting fashion trends. They are equally glamorous in their own right, radiating confidence and command that is truly commendable. A striking example is Yuvraj Menda, who portrays Dilton Doiley in the movie.

Yuvraj Menda's all-black look exudes a powerful sense of confidence and ease, making a remarkable fashion statement. In today's world, fashion boundaries have become increasingly fluid, allowing individuals the freedom to express themselves authentically rather than adhering to rigid conventions. This modern look effortlessly blends elements from different genders' fashion, combining chic cuts with a more relaxed and loose fit.

Suhana Khan, who is set to portray Veronica Lodge, is as stylish as they get. Her character seems perfectly suited to her, as both share an enviable sense of fashion. As exemplified in this particular look, Suhana Khan effortlessly ticks all the right fashion boxes with her all-white ensemble.

The breezy yet classy silhouette of her outfit is undeniably flattering and works wonders for her. Suhana Khan exudes a soft and elegant charm, proving that even the simplest of outfits can exude tremendous glamour. This all-white look showcases her ability to make even the most straightforward fashion choices look exceptionally chic and sophisticated.

Monochrome looks indeed have a special charm, offering a subtle yet sophisticated style statement. When styled correctly, they can create a striking and elegant impact. Mihir Ahuja, who portrays Jughead in The Archies movie, showcases the allure of monochrome with his impeccable fashion sense.

In his all-white ensemble, Mihir Ahuja exudes a relaxed yet lively fashion style that's a perfect fit for his character. The actor adds a playful twist to his monochrome look by introducing a patterned white shirt, expertly balancing the one-colour theme. This approach highlights his fashion-forward sensibility and demonstrates that even within the confines of a single colour, one can create a visually appealing and dynamic outfit.

Aditi Dot, who portrays Midge in the movie, is undoubtedly a fan of retro fashion, and her fashion choices reflect her love for vintage aesthetics. In this particular look, she embraces a style reminiscent of bygone eras, skillfully combining various elements to create a distinctive and playful ensemble.

Aditi Dot's choice of heels, a buttoned-down denim skirt, and a shirt adorned with a playful print exude a quirky charm that harks back to vintage fashion. Her outfit is a testament to her unique fashion sensibility, which effortlessly blends elements from different fashion eras to craft a style that is entirely her own.

Vedang Raina, who takes on the role of Reggie, effortlessly sets fashion goals with his breezy yet well-put-together look. His ensemble strikes a perfect balance between casual comfort and style, showcasing the actor's fashion-forward sensibility.

The choice of neutral trousers paired with a cool t-shirt and an open shirt is a classic laid-back look that Vedang Raina makes his own by incorporating subtle touches. The addition of a sling bag, minimal accessories, and a pair of sunglasses elevates the outfit, lending it a sense of finesse. This meticulous attention to detail and the harmonious combination of different elements speak to the actor's confident and discerning personal fashion style.

Photo: Instagram/vedangraina, khushi05k