Christmas Nails Inspiration To Take To Your Manicurist

It's never a bad time to get a fresh set of nails and what better way to land on a theme than Christmas time! Lining naughty and nice nail art ideas to complete your holiday season glam.

Published On Dec 22, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


The festive season presents immense opportunities to experiment with your look. Whether it's a fresh colour for NYE or getting your nails done for Christmas, salons remain buzzing with patrons coming in to try something new. Especially when it comes to Christmas nails—a festival that's defined by glitzy décor and OTT embellishments on every part of your house that inspiration can be found everywhere. We're jumping ahead bringing you designs (that ‘sleigh’, pardon the pun!) to screenshot and take to your manicurist, starting with…

Combining red-tip French manicure with line design and bold colour fill on an accent finger, this one needs no explanation on the theme. Make a tad bit more festive with pearly outlines and a clean, sheen base to make the colours pop. The pattern is ideal for oval and medium-length nails. 

Inspired from the glistening gold and chrome finish of Christmas ornaments, this one absolutely knocks it out of the park with the theme. Ideal for short and round nail shapes, this one is sure to pair well with your glitzy garbs and minimal accessorizing. 

Want to be cheeky with your Christmas nails? Opt for scalloped tips that are perfectly balanced by adorable mistletoe detailing at the nail bed. Easy to create and maintain, you might even take a stab at DIYing this design yourself!

If you do not wish to be direct with your Christmas references, opt for bringing subtle details to life. In this case, we have pastel blue hues, cardian patterns, frosty swirls and dainty ribbons, all combined into one assorted set of nails!

If you're in your ‘villain era’, which happens to be the go-to mood for the end of 2023, let the Grinch make an appearance. This set will require expert craftsmanship and an artsy mind so make sure you pick the right manicurist to get the job done. Ideal for people hoping to get extensions for that extra length of space to get an elaborate design etched on.

Photo: Instagram/Featured Brands