Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2024

From 'skinimalism' to inclusivity-driven campaigns, 2024 beauty trends reflect a holistic and forward-thinking approach, acknowledging the interplay between beauty, wellness, and sustainability in the coming year.

Published On Jan 12, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


NYE hangovers are cured and the gears have started to turn on our new year resolutions; 2024 is officially here. So what does the coming year look like for beauty lovers, consumers, and brands? Starting off with the biggest trend, “In 2024, we anticipate a surge in demand for 'skinimalism'—a trend focusing on minimalistic skincare routines. With a shift towards mindful consumption, individuals seek simplified yet effective skincare, emphasizing quality over quantity,” says Dr Niketa Sonavane, Celebrity Dermatologist and founder of Ambrosia Aesthetics, Mumbai. 

For Indian consumers, one of the biggest beauty influence for 2024 is set to be ancient rituals meeting modern skincare. “With a resurgence of interest in Ayurveda and traditional practices, expect to see ingredients like turmeric, neem, and adaptogens taking the forefront in beauty formulations”, confessed Dr Niketa. 

The idea of sustainable beauty practices and brand ethos that prioritises inclusivity is one that is quite welcome in the industry. “Sustainability isn't just a buzzword; it's a beauty ethos in 2024. Expect a surge in eco-friendly packaging, waterless products, and a greater emphasis on brands committed to reducing their environmental footprint. Consumers are scrutinizing ingredient lists, demanding transparency, and supporting brands committed to cruelty-free, ethical practices," reveals Dr Niketa. She also points to diversity in beauty being a major trend, “2024 heralds the era of 'inclusive wellness'—recognizing that beauty is diverse. Brands will increasingly celebrate all skin tones, hair types, and body shapes, embracing a more inclusive and representative definition of beauty.”

Wellness and beauty will go hand in hand in 2024. Dr Niketa explains, “Watch out for adaptogenic skincare taking center stage. Ingredients like ashwagandha and holy basil offer not just external benefits but also address internal stress, aligning with the holistic wellness movement.” She also hints at neautraceaticals taking over the 'inside-out beauty' market with nutricosmetics and ingestible beauty supplements, packed with collagen, probiotics, and antioxidants, set to gain traction. “Mindful beauty' practices, such as incorporating calming scents and meditation into skincare routines, acknowledge the undeniable connection between skin health and mental well-being,” says Dr Niketa.

Sure the ASMR beauty routine reels are incredibly fun to watch, but they do not hold a candle to actual results. And how do we get the best results? According to Dr Niketa, “Get ready for the 'Tech-Beauty' revolution. Innovative tools like AI-powered mirrors providing real-time skin analysis and personalised beauty apps are set to redefine how we approach and track our skincare journeys.” Desired results will also be achieved by the beauty industry being poised to embrace hyper-personalization. From custom-blended serums to AI-driven skincare assessments, 2024 marks the era of beauty tailored to individual needs, ensuring optimal results.

If post-pandemic makeup trends were all about minimal or ‘clean girl’ makeup, 2024 demands that you go all out with your glam. From colour pop eyeliners to metallic lids, cherry cola lips and purple blushes draped across faces, this year your makeup should be anything but minimal. With celebrities like Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Halsey preaching loud makeup with their own beauty brands, makeup lovers are sure to follow suit. 

2024 is about to be a big year for hair, quite literally! We're taking long lengths, lots of body, voluminous bangs, fluffy texture and return of the beehive. Red carpet and runways both agree that it's no longer about sleek, straight styling, but embracing your natural texture that you've been growing out since the pandemic ended.

This one is no surprise to us. The sheer number of nail salons that have popped up in the last two years is indication enough that people are getting their nails done and how. Gel manicures, French tip or glitter nail art seems to be on top of everyone's service requirements and artsy nail art have started to set trends among celebs too!

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