Babygirl Men Wear Pink And If You're One, Here's A Style Guide FYR

From hints of salmon pink to tone on tone ensembles that do not shy away from a hot pink explosion, here's how the colour has taken over menswear.

Published On Feb 14, 2024 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


In early 20204, the internet collectively fell in love with ‘babygirl men’. You know the boys and men that are universally loved? And about whom no matter how much you know, is never enough. You want to be friends with babygirl men, you want to date them and you want them to tell you how much they enjoyed going flower shopping with you. And one of the main things that have driven internet's obsession with babygirl men? The fact that they can pull of pink with such ease. you'd think they were born in it. And regardless of whether you consider yourself babygirl or not, this style guide can help you get started on adding more pink to your wardrobe. It's a happy colour and looks adorable on all skin tones, complementing each in a different way. Check out pink…

Starting slow, you can opt for splatter prints with irregular, scattered, and seemingly random colour play. If you're artsy, it can be a form of abstract expressionism that often gives a sense of energy, dynamism, and spontaneity. Popularized by streetwear designers, the minimalistic style will satisfy your need for adding an urban and contemporary aesthetic to your wardrobe.

A whole pink pantsuit is not for the faint-hearted. But, if you focus on clean tailoring and a bit of structural elements, like a flappy collar here or a boxy hem on the pants, who's to say that you cannot tone on tone then. Go bare-chested or pair with a white ganjee to stay in trend. For the shoes, it's sneakers (maybe a pair of white and blue Converse) of nothing.  

Is it a cop out that we have Ken on this list? Just Ken or not, Ryan Gosling's promotion ensembles sure left us wanting to see all the men in the world sport a stained pink undone bow tie. It's about adding the right hint of colour; this also applies to pocket squares or socks in neutral tones so that they're not too overpowering.

For starters, other babygirl colours are deep reds, midnight blacks and a few pastel tones on the opposite spectrum. This kind of tonal pairing creates a visually appealing combination without ever being overwhelming. They can also make for a striking colour block effect. Remember to keep the accessories neutral in whenever you're indulging in this level of colour play.

Babygirls are incomplete without the daddies! Because for every Timothee Chalamet in soft pink, there's a Henry Cavill in emerald blue. You can also source clothing with an ombre style, smoothly transitioning from pink to emerald blue. Make it understated by pairing with neutrals like white, beige, or grey. Metallic accessories in gold or silver add a touch of sophistication to the whole look.

Let salmon pink be your style saviour this year! Opt for salmon pink T-shirts or trousers for a relaxed look. Button-down shirts in this soft hue are perfect for smart-casual occasions. Summer is around the corner so stock up on salmon pink shorts and pair with your comfiest fitted cotton tees.

Outwear is an excellent way to add some pinks in your wardrobe. This way you won't have to keep it on you all the time. Statement jackets like bomber, leather, or denim can be paired with neutral tones. Pink hoodies or sweatshirts with graphic prints are super in and trench coats are timeless pieces that can be paired with navy, black, or white.

Photo: /InstagramTchalamet