An Exhaustive Guide For All Your Galentine’s Plans

Spending V-day just with the girls and the gays? Here’s a quick roster for all the things y’all can do together.

Published On Feb 12, 2024 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Valentine's Day is almost upon us and even though it's fallen on a filler day like Wednesday, the pressure is still on people to do, or at least appear to do, something on the day. However, if you wish to shun the marketing-fueled holiday or are just sans a romantic partner to celebrate it with, there is a way around it. This one involves getting your girls and gay best friends in one room and having a gala time, maybe even better than a date night at the trendiest restaurant in the city. So get your own ‘Tortured Poets Department’ together and kick off your galentine's 2024!

Face masks, DIY manicures, and spa days are so 2023! This year it's all about putting your individual makeup skills to the test and give yourselves a makeover. We're talking wigs, outfit changes and lots of pops of colour. Analyse each other's features and recommend a new makeup look. BTW, since we're on the topic, Douyin makeup has been trending for Indian facial features.

From classic board games to online multiplayer games, set up a game night with your besties that won't leave you in an emotional mess like some of those relationship games do! Opt for Uno if you secretly hate your friends'' guts and want to see them suffer, a poker night can be a good idea to get some cash floating around or get our the dirty cards deck to express your scandalous opinions freely! 


Chances are you've come across countless reels that show the girlies curate cocktails based on the personalities of their exes! Yes. Just got out of a possessive relationship? Brew a mean green Grasshopper with equal parts white crème de cacao, green crème de menthe and cream. Of you want to drink your sorrow away and forget the situationship you had with a walking red flag? Make a dazzling red Negroni with gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Get creative with it and have fun!

If your friend group is on common ground about playing ‘dress up’, pick a theme to your wine night. From Barbie themed ensembles to dressing up like Lady Gaga from different eras in her career is the easiest way to fetch some good looks from the group. You can customise the experience too and pick a movie, artists or even famous painting that holds meaning to your friend group and showcase your styling skills to dress up for the galentine's night.  

There are two kinds of girls in the world. One who watches true crime documentaries to relax at the end of a long work day and the other binges on 90s and 2000s chick flicks to relive the “good old days” There's absolutely no in-between. And chances are, you have both kind of girls in your group so for a Netflix marathon, pick a true crime (we've heard Lover Stalker Killer on Netflix is quite wild) and then follow up with a sweet but slightly dirty chick flick to end the night. And don't forget the popcorn! 


It's a great time to have a listening party for your annual galentine's. Zara Larsson, the pop stat behind the uber popular Lush Life, just released new studio album Venus. The album provides a personal exploration, revealing various facets of the Scandinavian pop star. However, this doesn't imply that every song is a melancholic contemplation of past relationships or other hardships. If you're having your galentine's a bit later, pop icon Jennifer Lopez's This Is Me... Now is set to release on Feb 16 and industry insiders say it's based around all things ‘Bennifer’. Talk about perfect timing!

For the astro girlies, engaging in an energy exchange session can be a meaningful experience. Begin by setting a positive intention, promoting relaxation or balance. Create a comfortable environment in a quiet space, incorporating mindful breathing to encourage relaxation. Sitting in a circle, visualise and share positive energy, using hands or thoughts. Focus on receiving positive energy and releasing tension. Express gratitude afterward, deepening the connection, and optionally discuss the experience to enhance its impact.

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