9 Of The Most Fashionable Indian Cricketers To Follow On Instagram

Not just on the pitch, these cricketers are stars off it as well. From red-carpet appearances to their social media feed, their style is unmatched.

Published On Oct 15, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Cricket lovers always look up to their favourite players. You may be a Dhoni or Kohli fan, but the emotion associated with cricket is largely the same for most Indians. While limited to the pitch a few years ago, cricketers gained an even bigger following with social media. Fans now not only appreciate and love them for their game but also the way they present themselves. 
May it be Virat Kohli’s cool and casual or Hardik Pandya’s blingy and funky ensembles, these chic cricketers manage to stay well-dressed at all times and rock every look they pick. Fitness, cricket, and a chic fashion sense define these cricketers, and a glance through their pictures will convince you of this fact.

Here are some of the most fashionable Indian cricketers to follow

Needless to say, Virat Kohli is one of the most handsome, well-presented, fit and competent leaders to guide the Indian cricket team. This legend has not only brought in a fitness revolution but also a fashion revolution with him. Kohli rocks the game of casual fashion but practically everything he wears, be it traditional, formal or casual - he does it with a style uniquely defining him. He is a charmer who can slay every look, and it isn't surprising to note that this talented batsman owns a home-grown fashion brand called Wrogn.

Fashion and KL Rahul go together. A glance at his social media feed will leave you with new-found motivation to rise to the occasion and dress with extra effort every time you step out. With the physique and face of a supermodel, KL Rahul truly is a heartthrob, usually spotted in his classic oversized hoodies.

Known for his funky and uber-cool dressing style, Hardik Pandya is no less than a style icon for the youth. His confidence and unique approach to fashion make him different from his peers, and the same is often well-reflected even in his hairstyles. An athlete at heart and a passionate dresser, Pandya endorses several lifestyle brands, which again is a testament to his interest in classy and quality living.

Yet another stylish man from the world of Indian cricket is Deepak Chahar. This Chennai Super Kings player slays the casual look, and we bet that nobody can master it the way Deepak does! Be it accessorising or colours and styles, Deepak has a distinguished fashion acumen that we can't seem to get over!

The young and dashing Ishan Kishan must be counted in the list of fashionable men in blue. The 25-year-old talented wicketkeeper-batsman is not only excellent on the field but is also a chic dresser. He nails the casual and traditional look like a king and the confidence with which he poses for pictures just makes him all the more appealing.

With an impressive personality and flawless pictures in amazing outfits, Shikhar Dhawan can easily pass for an actor. His grand taste in clothing stands a cut above the rest and a look at his feed online will leave you wondering whether he is a model in reality. The cricketer is 37 but his well-maintained physique and modern fashion sense make him look not a day older than 27!

The Namesake of King Khan of Bollywood, Masood Shahrukh Khan, is a Punjab Kings' player who is quite the fashionista. A casual dresser at heart, Shahrukh knows how to rock the simple yet classy look. Charming, and confident, this cricketer has won the hearts of many via his 2022 Diwali pictures where he is all decked up in a royal blue sherwani, classy leather juttis and a neat hairstyle.

The captain of the Indian cricket team, Rohit Sharma is known for dressing presentably at all times. He has a good sense of colour and can pair his outfits really well. His choice of renowned brands for everything he wears - right from sunglasses to sneakers truly shows his fondness for dressing up. Sharma’s beard and smooth hair are just a few other factors giving him a sassy look.

Last but not least, we have the young batsman Shreyas Iyer on our list. Blessed with the finest facial features, and a perfectly trimmed beard, Iyer is a class apart when it comes to fashion. The flex of being one of the youngest cricketers comes later, but Iyer’s unmatchable game of casual styling where everything from his jacket to sunglasses is in sync with the occasion is what truly distinguishes him from the rest.

Photo: Instagram/virat.kohli, hardikpandya93