8 Unique Diwali Looks For Men With An Extra Touch Of Festive Vibes

The festive season brings opportunities to dress up, whether for traditional celebrations, parties, or visiting loved ones during this joyous period. With numerous Diwali events where dressing in traditional attire is the norm, these diverse looks will undoubtedly be your go-to choice.

Published On Oct 17, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


The festive season is something many people eagerly look forward to every year. When Diwali is approaching, there's a feeling of excitement in the air. People are excited to visit family and friends, celebrate with great enthusiasm, and of course, dress up in their finest festive clothes.

People put a lot of thought and effort into planning and choosing their outfits for the many events during the season. Wearing traditional clothes during Diwali gives a sense of happiness and positive energy. The bright colours, intricate designs, and different styles of traditional clothing make getting dressed for Diwali a lot of fun.
It's a welcome change from our everyday clothes and adds to the joy of the festival. With all these things in mind, we have some great traditional outfit ideas for men to help them look their best during the festive season.

Men's Traditional outfits to check out this Diwali

The Bandhgala outfit is undeniably one of the most flattering and attractive choices for men during the Diwali season. It boasts classic silhouettes, clean lines, and a regal appearance that instantly elevates your style. The Bandhgala has timeless appeal, and to add a fresh twist, opt for a colour palette that's not commonly seen in this classic ensemble.

The classic kurta never loses its charm. It's a perennial favourite among men, offering an instant traditional look that's hard to beat. The best part is, that you can customize it to match your style - whether you prefer a breezy or elaborate look. Choosing a vibrant colour adds to the joyful and festive atmosphere that Diwali is famous for.

The understated, sophisticated charm of a muted sherwani look like this is something that appeals to many men. The simple yet captivating style of this outfit ensures that you can avoid overdressing while still standing out with your bold fashion choices.

There are always people who seek a departure from traditional outfits while still embracing the festive spirit of Diwali. For those who desire a blend of tradition and modernity, Indo-western outfits like this one offer an excellent solution. Striking a harmonious balance between both styles, this look provides a breath of fresh air between entirely traditional attire and the comfort of a relaxed, modern fit.

If you're looking for a Diwali outfit that breaks away from the usual, this blend of classic and modern styles is the perfect choice. It combines the strong feel of classic fits like a Bandhgala with a unique twist in the way the pants are draped. This distinctive and eccentric look is bound to create an unforgettable Diwali outfit that's unlike anything you've worn before.

If the thought of wearing traditional but common Diwali outfits no longer appeals to you, then this charming blazer look is the perfect choice. You can dress up elegantly with a well-fitting blazer, pants, and a shirt while feeling more relaxed than opting for a cumbersome Indian festive attire for your Diwali party.

Elevate the traditional Diwali outfits with captivating prints. These prints have the magical ability to transform simple traditional attire into something more intriguing and stylish. If you're interested in exploring the lesser-known realm of Indian prints, this kind of outfit is an excellent choice and is sure to earn you extra fashion points.

Another classic, fail-safe outfit for men this Diwali season is the Nehru jacket and kurta combination. A forever favourite outfit, and for all the right reasons, the Nehru jacket lends a sense of sharpness, which makes you one of the best-dressed people in every room.

Photo: Instagram/thedeverakonda, ranveersingh