8 Times Alia Bhatt Stunned At The Red Carpet

The Bollywood icon best known for her critically-acclaimed movies is inching rapidly to becoming a style icon with her red carpet-appearances.

Published On Jul 24, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Alia Bhatt has established herself as an enduring icon who charms with her authentic acting skills as much as her effortless style statement. Her fashion sense is a perfect blend of contemporary trends and timeless elegance.

Alia Bhatt's red carpet looks are a testament to her exceptional fashion sense and versatility. From elegant gowns to edgy ensembles, she effortlessly embodies various styles with confidence and grace. Her impeccable fashion choices have solidified her position as a true fashion queen. These eight red-carpet looks are a true reflection of Alia Bhatt's fashion excellence and serve as an inspiration for all fashion enthusiasts.

Unforgettable red carpet looks of Alia Bhatt

At a global Netflix event in Brazil, Alia Bhatt stunned in a bold green ensemble. The modern yet refreshing look perfectly complemented her personality. With minimal makeup and side swept hair, she exuded radiance, allowing the outfit to take centre stage. By opting for minimal accessories, Alia ensured that all eyes were on her and her remarkable attire.

In a departure from her usual style, Alia Bhatt embraced an edgy look for her first official debut with the Italian luxury house, Gucci in Seoul. As the first Indian global brand ambassador for the House of Gucci, she wore a short black dress with polka-dotted cutouts with a silver lining, a pair of black platform heels and holding a Gucci Jackie 1961 transparent bag. Accentuated with sheer makeup and ponytail, the actor exuded confidence and elegance adding an extra touch of allure.

For the prestigious Met Gala 2023, Alia Bhatt opted for a classic yet modern ensemble. Her custom Prabal Gurung gown, adorned with pearls, exuded an ethereal charm. The addition of a glove and subtle makeup choices added contemporary flair to the overall look, reaffirming Alia's fashion prowess.

Alia Bhatt made a bold statement at the Filmfare Awards with a ravishing black outfit. Radiating fierceness, she effortlessly carried the ensemble with grace and style. The edgy hairstyle added a sharp touch, while her soft and dewy makeup provided a perfect balance, enhancing her beauty.

Alia Bhatt proved that she can command attention not only in gowns but also in power suits. Her androgynous look exuded power and confidence, in line with the theme of her outfit. The glittering eye makeup and tousled hair added her signature touch, elevating the sharp look to new heights.

In a resplendent golden ensemble, Alia Bhatt looked like a goddess. The intricate detailing of the outfit showcased the more is more concept with finesse. She effortlessly carried the opulent look, allowing the outfit to shine without overpowering her. The statement earrings added an extra touch of glamour, while her smokey eye makeup and minimal face created a perfect balance.

Alia Bhatt mesmerised in a bold and glamorous saree ensemble. The stunning combination of the grand outfit and exquisite jewellery was a testament to her fashion finesse. With minimal makeup and her hair elegantly pulled back, Alia effortlessly brought together various elements, creating a harmonious and unforgettable look.

Alia Bhatt radiated glamour in a diva-inspired ensemble featuring dramatic silhouettes. The perfect balance between the glamorous outfit and her clean, minimal makeup showcased her fashion acumen. By allowing the outfit to shine, Alia effortlessly exudes sophistication without overwhelming the overall look.

Photo: Instagram/aliabhatt