8 Nail Trends That We’re Loving So Far In 2022

Neons, pop tones, or even bejewelled styles, check out how to keep your fingernails looking on point this year.

Published On Jul 01, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


When it comes to hair and nails, we all have our go-to styles. Some like it slightly dramatic while others prefer to keep it lowkey, especially when it comes to our nails. But it’s time to look beyond what you think is your everyday look to experiment with something new. So if you’re keen to catch up on the latest nail trends, read on for some ideas you can try…

The French manicure never goes out of style, does it? But this year we’re taking it up a notch. The simple, elegant French manicure has had a makeover and can be spotted in pastel, pop, and even metallic. “In 2022, we’ve seen a surge of clients coming in for the elevated French manicure,” says Sana Dhanani, founder of Bandra’s well-known The White Door India. She adds, “Metallic tips have been incorporated to glamourise the classic French tip.” You can also opt for a bright colour to suit your mood, cool pastels, add a hint of florals, or go with the traditional white but a V- or slanted-shaped French mani instead – the options are endless!

Sana points out that influences from fashion like the hot pink from Valentino’s 2022 Autumn/ Winter show by Pierpaolo Piccioli that took the runway and red carpets by the storm have created a domino effect in the beauty space. “Neon colours like hot pink, cobalt blue, and lime are super trendy, especially as an accent element on a neutral base.” 
Disha Basumata, store manager at Havana, a tropical-themed salon in Bengaluru’s Indiranagar, adds, “Colours that pop seems to be requested more than ever. Bright colours make any look stand out. People don’t just want one colour like a solid blue or green, they want to explore more and mix many colours together or even have all different coloured nails.”

Yes, it’s now a word! We’re talking about the nail shape that everyone’s loving these days. It brings together the neatness of a square, with the softness of an oval. “Squoval is a fun take on a basic oval or square and has been requested more regularly,” says Disha. 

Sana reiterates that the squoval shape has been the most requested this season, and that this hybrid style looks great on long nails and even fairly shorter nails. “The style is relatively low-maintenance especially when the nails grow out, preventing them from chipping at the corners or getting caught in your hair,” says Sana. That’s just what we needed to hear! 

After the initial hype around the Pantone Colour of 2022 - Veri Peri - has died down, it’s earthy shades like greens and browns that have come into the spotlight. Earthy tones were spotted across runways, in apparel, makeup and nails. Greens especially, are extremely popular at the moment – think olive, seafoam, leaf green, mint, matcha and more, in solids and funky nail art and even in French mani form.

Twirly, swirly, oh-so whirly! This nail art trend was big last year and continues to be popular this year too. Colourful, glossy, matte, monotone, with and without negative space, anything you can imagine, it’s being done! “Short-form content has influenced a more experimental aesthetic among clients who look have started requesting pistachio greens and poppy yellows in the form of wave-like elements,” shares Sana. These abstract swirls give us those 70s vibes with psychedelic feels. Add some fun florals to it to complete that flower power look.

Easy on and easy off. The convenience of press on nails for any occasion or to match your outfits is unmatched. And with the launch of press-on nail brands like Sonakshi Sinha’s SOEZI, the search for good stick-on nails pretty much ends here. Sonakshi announced on her Facebook page, “SOEZI was born out of a desire to make sure that glamour is accessible to every person in the country. Our aim with every product we release is to make your life easy. That’s what our brand is all about!”  

Go big or go home seems to be the motto for many as they opt for gold accents, rhinestones, pearls, and more! Sana adds, “In 2022, we saw a surge of clients coming in for embellished nails that were integrated into the regular nail art style to make it extremely youthful.” 

Disha adds, “3D nails, chrome designs and maximal nail art is being explored more than ever. Rappers like Cardi B have paved a way for super wild and fun nail art and more people want to venture down that same road. Nail art is moving miles away from the minimal nail trend!”

“Gingham nails are also on their way in, we’ve seen a lot of nail artists experiment with this style, on social media,” says Sana. The checkered pattern can be done in a single colour palette or even different colours on different nails, and with or without other accents. It uses a white base with different colours then used to paint on top to create the gingham look.

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