8 Corset Style Ideas You Can Borrow From Your Favourite Celebs

Everything to know about styling corsets as part of your outfits, just the way the A-listers do.

Published On Feb 06, 2023 | Updated On Mar 05, 2024


Corset fashion is back, and it is setting the stage on fire. From being an oppressive garment back in the 90s to a liberating fashion trend in the 21st century, it has certainly come a long way. The vintage garment from the 18th century is amping up modern-day outfits. It adds texture, and personality and accentuates a casual look. Corsets are versatile, quirky and a must-have in your wardrobe. And, guess what? You also have many different types of corset outfits to play with! You can take inspiration from all the celebrity corset outfits that are lined up for you in this guide. Here are some things to know about styling elegant corset outfits.

Corset outfits went down in history as a symbol of oppression. In the 18th century, these were used to make women’s waists appear slimmer. The image of a woman being strapped into a suffocating cage-like harness is common in period dramas. While they disappeared for a long time during the 20th century, it has made a comeback in the 21st. However this time, the corset outfits represent power, authority and a unique kickass style statement. Instead of being restrictive cages, they are now a tool for women to own their bodies and dress how they want to. With the different types of corset outfits that are out there, you can change the game. Pair them with jeans, coats, skirts, dresses or even sarees, here are some Bollywood celebrity corset outfits that seem to be setting examples on how to style corset tops for women. 

Alia Bhatt pulled off this look in a flowing pastel-pink corset. She paired it with light-pink pants and wore the corset over a crisp white shirt. The messy, flowy look really comes together with the tied-up bun and minimal accessories. Walk into Sunday brunch or a fun casual outdoor event in this fit and you will have heads turning. What’s more, the corset outfit shows that you aren’t ashamed of flaunting your curves, making a bold statement for you. She knows how to style a corset, doesn’t she?

Janhvi seems to be making waves with her quirky outfits. Want to put together a quick Friday girls’ night-out fit? Style it like Janhvi. The crisp white corset outfit, paired with some basic ripped jeans, is the perfect weekend night out look. What’s more, put on a blazer and you could just as well walk into an important work meeting. Told you, you can style corset tops for women easily since they are so versatile.

Some days you just want to pull off all the stops in your outfits and Disha Patani’s celebrity corset is the perfect example. She looks stunning in this knit corset outfit, ripped blue jeans and high black boots. Throw in a tiny sling bag and you have the perfect look for your night outs. You can style your hair by letting it loose or putting it up in a high ponytail for some added glam.

Ever thought you could jazz up a traditional lehenga with a corset? Tara Sutaria just proved it with this elegant navy blue set. She added a little jazz to it with some brilliant golden jewellery and embellishments. You can throw in a light translucent dupatta to add a desi touch or just let your minimalistic outfit do the talking for you.

Rhea Kapoor is a style Goddess, known to have wrapped up many celebrities in exquisite outfits. So who could give ideas on how to style a corset better than her? Here she has taken the classic black-top-blue jeans pairing a notch higher. She’s paired a full-sleeved black top and a black lace corset with baggy blue jeans. With smokey eyes and minimal accessories, you better be taking notes!

Looking for date night outfit ideas? This chic white dress, paired with a white silk corset, is your answer. The minimal lace and high black boots were made to impress. The outfit packs a punch without going overboard. However, you can make it more fun by wearing a darker shade of lipstick and adding a small pendant.

Gone are those days when office outfits involved suits and pencil skirts. Shraddha Kapoor is offering office fashion solutions with this pastel shirt dress. While she’s used a shirt, you can take any dress and tweak it with different types of corsets in the same shade. The neutral colours help keep the look formal and you can walk into your workplace like you’re there to seize the day. A fun idea to style a corset, isn’t it?

Corsets under blazers are the winners of this decade. They are fashionable, elegant and classy. You can pull them off at a work meeting, an office soiree or a dinner party. Sonakshi Sinha styles by Mohit Rai sports a bright yellow corset with yellow palazzos. The look is completed by throwing on a silk yellow jacket, some minimal silver jewellery and a pair of chunky glasses. Put on your stilettos and you are ready to own your space.

Love corset fashion? There are different types of corsets you can use to jazz up your outfits. These celebrity corset styles are some inspirations to start with. Why shouldn’t you? Corset fashion is on the rise, and it only makes sense to make your statement with your outfit choice. Look up popular corset trends if you need more ideas.

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