7 Saree Influencers Serving Sartorial Inspiration To Know About

Check out these innovative social media influencers bringing sarees back into the trend with their effortless styling.

Published On Sep 21, 2023 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Our traditional ethnic wear, the nine yards of pure elegance - our sarees can never go out of style. Today, a new set of social media influencers have emerged who share their innovative expertise in reviving the art of saree draping. Whether it be trying out different ways of draping a saree, accessorising it, or experimenting with new labels or fabrics, this new-age group of content creators have taken saree draping to another level! Their aesthetic and beautiful videos have us hooked to our phone screens and scavenging through our mothers’ wardrobes looking for the perfect saree for our next event. If you are looking for some motivation to style one of your sarees, then we have the perfect list of saree influencers who will serve your sartorial needs.

Here are the saree Influencers to seek inspiration from

A glance through Ankita Katuri’s Insta feed will have you reaching for your jewellery box, for this talented lady aces the art of accessorising her sarees with antique silver jewellery and other stoned jewels. Her profile features her donned in elegant ethnic wear and saree accessories flawlessly for all those picture-perfect moments! She also owns a jewellery brand that makes her designs available to the public.

Our dear departed Dr Chinna Dua’s Instagram feed is a must-visit for saree lovers. Her outfits and demeanour echo elegance, grace, smartness and comfort while her captions do the magic of imparting wisdom. Her enviable saree collection is a must-check-out for all those hustlers who believe in slaying it with a nine-yard-long ethnic saree.

The Indian stylist Mamta Sharma Das closely resembles the vibe of Frida Kahlo. Her wardrobe screams of carefully chosen Bohemian collections and we can’t stop romanticising her backdrops that are so much in harmony with nature. The colourful palette that defines her taste in clothing impresses and inspires creativity in so many of us. She celebrates colours and handlooms in her posts and attempts a mellow union of conventional stripes and polka with Indian block prints and the results are simply marvellous!

The renowned cricket broadcaster from our childhood, Vijayalakshmi Chhabra is also known for her love for sarees. Throughout her career, she has clad beautiful handloom sarees, and oh so gracefully! She is the face of an enterprising Indian woman who takes charge and does so being clad in a saree. After her retirement, she took to social media to promote the saree as an unstitched garment representing India’s textile heritage and traditions.

Fashion content creator Isha Borah cannot be missed in this list of saree experts, for she has a unique way of presenting her thoughtfully created saree looks. Her videos are goals if you want to have a Bollywood moment of your dupatta getting stuck in a man’s watch! But jokes aside, Isha Borah posts saree draping and accessorising ideas that have inspired so many women to return to their sarees and create new looks with their purses, and footwear.

Visit Monalisha Mahapatra’s Instagram handle if you are looking for saree styling ideas for the festive season, office parties, social events, or just a casual day out. This saree draping expert has a wide range of draping styles and saree designs on display on her feed. If you love to experiment with different saree looks then Monalisha is the go-to person for you!

Natasha Thasan calls herself a ‘Saree Architect’ in her Instagram bio and her feed testifies the same. Her saree pictures (Barbie edition) took the internet by storm and the rest of her feed is just as good. She also provides virtual saree draping tutorials (and calls it ‘Drape Therapy’) for all the saree lovers out there. Natasha is a saree blogger and draping expert passionate about reigniting our generation’s lost love for sarees!

It won’t be wrong to call Pooja Jagadeesh the Goddess of mix-and-match because her #sotd (saree of the day) photos and captions are proof that outfits are not always handpicked from stores; sometimes they are brought together by a creative mind. Every #sotd that Pooja posts a story of the outfit being brought to life by bits of accessories and handloom items she acquired, and preserved along the way. An unconventional take on saree draping, Pooja Jagadeesh is all about redefining how we wear, accessorise and carry handloom sarees.

With a bigger vision of boycotting mass-marketed Chinese products and making sarees a comfortable everyday wear option, Ashwini Narayan set out to style sarees in a chic way. Give her a pair of sneakers or a denim jacket and she will still be able to make it an outfit with a saree. Yet another influencer in the unconventional saree draping gang, Aswini Narayan is changing the way we perceive sarees for the modern women, one outfit at a time!

Tia Bhuva is one of the most loved saree drapers online. She came up with this range of comfortable, elastic, saree shapewear or underskirt, called the ‘saree silhouette’ which makes a woman feel confident and free wearing a saree. Tia’s aesthetic and easy-to-follow videos on saree draping are widely viewed and followed by women the world over, which also echoes in her massive follower base of 926k followers. 

Photo: Instagram/ishaborah, kitakaturi