7 Bollywood Actors Older Than 50 Proving Age Is Just A Number

Whether for their upcoming films or with a passion for getting better, these actors older than 50 are setting the bar high when it comes to fitness.

Published On Sep 06, 2023 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Being in the showbiz demands looking a certain way. And while younger, newer actors come prepared, they often pale in front of these mega stars who shine bright on screen, as well as on social media. Not only do they command adoration from fans and respect as actors, but they also set brilliant examples for fitness. 

Here are seven 50+ actors who are absolutely slaying the fitness game

We can all agree that we rushed to the cinema to catch Pathaan, the king's grand comeback, to drool over his zoomed-in six-pack abs. Yet, only a few are aware of the immense dedication behind achieving such a toned physique. For four years, he went through rigorous and consistent training to serve us these fitness goals. 

When discussing fitness, it's impossible to overlook the Khiladi of Bollywood, a true multi-talented star. With a black belt in Taekwondo, his commitment to fitness knows no bounds, evident through his remarkable martial arts skills. And not only will he give you fitness goals but is also very vocal about other healthy habits he follows. 

With his charming personality and evergreen looks, Anil Kapoor has defied all the conventional notions of aging. He was jhakaas then and he is jhakaas now. Even at the age of 65, his commitment to fitness is evident through his consistent workout routines and balanced lifestyle choices.

No Salman Khan movie is ever complete unless he removes his shirt at least once causing the whole theatre to go gaga over his ridiculously sculpted abs. Salman's love for fitness transcends his roles and his disciplined approach to healthy living has set a benchmark for many.

The ever-charming Bollywood actress has proven that age is no barrier when it comes to fitness, exuding grace and vitality. Embracing yoga and other forms of exercise, Neetu Kapoor sets an inspiring example showcasing how staying active can keep one looking absolutely fabulous at any age.

Mandira honestly proves that fitness is the ultimate time machine. With each passing year, she only seems to get fitter and better, leaving us all wondering if she has found the secret to the fountain of youth. Her impressive fitness regimen includes a mix of strength training, cardio, yoga, and even Pilates. And just when you think that's enough, she surprises everyone with her black belt in Taekwondo.

If we could embody even a fraction of the grace that Madhuri Dixit exudes, we would consider aging a blessing rather than something to be frowned upon. Even in her 50’s our 'Dhak Dhak' girl gives us major fitness goals and her secret to this youthfulness lies in her love for dancing which has played a crucial role in keeping her fit and active.

Photo: Instagram/iamsrk, mandirabedi