6 Staples From Your Boyfriend’s Wardrobe To Amp Up Your Airport Look

Getting ready for your travel? Maybe you should borrow clothes from your bae.

Published On May 24, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Four marvy years into wedlock and I can unflinchingly say that one of the critical factors in the success of our alliance is my partner’s fairly unresisted acceptance of this one true fact: My clothes are my clothes, but his clothes are also my clothes. If he and I are a match made in heaven, his clothes and my fashion needs are a match meticulously and personally curated by the almighty himself.

You can’t blame me for this wolfish behaviour though. A. Because his garms always emanate his irresistible masculine woody musk. B. Even science says wearing your partner’s clothes can boost your mental health. And C. Because there’s nothing comfier than his oversized overalls. If you don’t believe me, just dig up your man’s wardrobe and I can guarantee you’ll find an untapped fashion gold mine in there and get on my side.  

The best part? The off-duty vibe that you can exude wearing bae’s clothes is perfect for your travel scenes. After all, what more does a gal want from her airport uniform than to make her look chic even while combating tedious security checks, braving minimal legroom, and enduring long layovers or delays! So, here are six items you can borrow (read steal) from his closet and style to look like a street-meets-chic princess while travelling:

The sartorial possibilities you’ll find in your guys’ wardrobe are endless. But if you’re wondering where to start, I’d say, get your hands on his cool T-shirts first. They’re as much fun as they're versatile. You can wear his statement tee under a denim shirt, pair it with high-waist pants or rugged jeans/leather leggings or give it a feminine twist by wearing it with a mini skirt.

P.S. To all the fabulous and single gals out there, if this idea elicits confusion about where to get these tees from, be rest assured! This look is for everyone. There’s always a cute brother or a giving male bestie in life. If not, there are thrift stores and branded pieces to choose from. Here are a few options:

Picture this: Pristine-white sneakers, neon sports bra, a pair of high-waist, relaxed-fit jeans and an oversized denim/ poplin shirt for that edgy vibe. Sounds like a comfy and cool combo, doesn’t it? In fact, you can pair your beau’s gingham and cotton/linen shirt with cycling shorts that have made a major comeback this season. You can also tuck in the shirt and team it with high-waist trousers for an androgenous look. Pro tip: If you want to glam things up a bit, how about you belt up the shirt and flaunt it as a shirt dress, instead? Sounds like a plan.

I can vouch for the fact that nothing, absolutely nothing, can beat the comfort of lounging around in bae’s hoodie all day long. But guess what? You can actually make a full-fledged style statement with it at the airport. All you got to do is to wear it with short shorts or yoga pants and a pair of sneakers. You can take this relaxed athleisure look to the next level by throwing in a few gold accessories like loops and a stack of bracelets. What say?

If you’re lucky enough to fit into your boyfriend’s jeans, I’d say you’ve hit the jackpot. Fold the hem, belt it up and flaunt it away, gal. There’s no boyfriend jeans better than your boyfriend’s jeans, trust me. And well, the styling options are endless here. Pair it with a tank top, a cropped top, a tee, a hoodie, a shirt–basically, it’ll uplift even with the most random piece from your wardrobe.

It’s time to channel your inner ‘Bad Girl Riri' by rocking a solid androgynous airport look. Your mate’s blazer can stand alone as a blazer dress. It can also be paired with skinny jeans/trousers, and a pair of stilettos for some sharpness. This versatile piece can be paired with joggers and a cropped tank as well for a sporty look.

If you’re going to take the athleisure route, you might as well go all in and pick out a track suit from his wardrobe. A sports bra, an open jacket, joggers, white sneakers, and sunglasses and you’re good to go, girl.

With a reliable line-up of his clothes, you’re sure to make coach feel like first class. So, steal away and rock that airport look. Happy journey!

Photo: Instagram/Athiya Shetty