5 Tips To Reduce The Pesky Double Chin

Super easy facial exercises to get rid of your double chin and make way for a chiseled jawline!

Published On Sep 12, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Having a double chin can be worrisome for many people. Let’s start by understanding what causes you to develop a double chin, and then delve into tips and exercises to reduce it.

A double chin is usually caused by excessive fat known as submental fat under the chin or loose skin on the face. However, having a double chin doesn’t necessarily convey obesity. Eating nutritious and healthy food on a daily basis, and sticking to  a good workout routine can help in eliminating excess face fat.

Simple facial exercises will not only reduce your double chin but also improve blood circulation in your face and strengthen face muscles, which can work wonders on your stress and tension levels.

As is the case with most good things in life, these exercises to remove double chin need to be done patiently and regularly to see maximum benefits over time. They will not only help in reducing your double chin but will also make your face look sleek and toned.

One great exercise to avoid developing a double chin, and also reduce it, is to blow air out of your mouth. However, it has to be done in a more systematic method than just deep breathing. Start by tilting your neck backward as if to stretch and take a deep breath. Then make an “ O “ with your lips and blow the air out slowly. Once all the air has been blown out, relax your neck by bringing it forward. You can repeat this exercise for about 2 minutes.


Many people are perplexed by this exercise and they wonder—does chewing gum really help reduce double chin? In a way it does, as it exercises both your jaw and chin, making them work continuously while the gum lasts. However, make sure to chew a sugar-free gum to avoid getting any complications associated with eating too much sugar. The best advantage of chewing gum to reduce double chin is that you can do it anywhere and inconspicuously, while working, doing chores etc.


This double chin reduction exercise is pretty similar to what you would do to relieve a neck cramp. Warm up your neck by gently rotating it up and down, from one side to another and in circles. Try to hold the position on either side during each stretch for better results.


A great way to tighten your skin and lose the double chin, the fish face is also very easy to do. Just suck in your cheeks as much as possible, as if to make a pout face and hold it for about 30 seconds. This type of facial yoga can be done every day and it will definitely work wonders for your face and double chin reduction.


This facial exercise will also help in reducing your double chin and making your facial muscles stronger. Tilt your head and neck backward as much as possible. Then stick your tongue out and try to push it without straining it too much. Hold this position for about 10-15 seconds and then return to the relaxed position. You can repeat this exercise about 5 times daily.

We recommend you try these exercises daily for about 10 minutes. Don't overdo them, you might cramp or hurt your tongue or cheeks. Along with these facial exercises, don't forget to also get in a full body workout, focusing on eating healthy in a bid to eliminate overall excess fat from your body.

The best thing about these facial exercises or facial yoga is that they can be done quickly and some of them can be done while doing other tasks. Try to implement them in your daily routine either in the morning or evening and be patient and regular at it for great results.

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