5 Skincare Tips To Keep Your Festive Routine Simple And Effective

The festive season, while fun, can take a toll on your skin. Here are some simple things to keep in mind for glowing skin.

Published On Oct 24, 2023 | Updated On Oct 28, 2023


As the festive season approaches, so does a long list of parties to attend, feasts to be enjoyed, and occasions to dress up and be merry. We not only wait for the festive season every year but also leave no stone unturned in enjoying it to the fullest.

It is not all play, however. The late-night parties, the amazing but oily and unhealthy food, and the general stress of the events to be managed take quite a toll, on our body, and sometimes even on our skin. Breakouts, dull dehydrated skin, and puffiness are quite commonly observed in the festive season.

To look our best, it is imperative to be well prepared with an effective skincare routine, and even some quick tips for crisis management. If you also look forward to great skin this festive season, read on.

Here are 5 skincare tips to follow through the festive season


With events, parties, festivities, and dressing up, we expose our skin to a lot more dust and pollution than regular, and it doesn’t help that often we are so tired when we come back home, that we want to hit the bed right away. This simple step of cleansing your face properly to get rid of all the dirt, and makeup if you use any, causes most of the issues from clogging the pores, to dull skin, to breakouts. 
This festive season, double cleanse to avoid any breakouts and keep your skin squeaky clean. The first step, the oil-based cleanser will get rid of all the impurities, grime, makeup, and sunscreen, and the second step, the soap-based cleanser, will make sure the face is clean and fresh.


With changing weather, hydration is extremely important. Not only internally, but ingredients like hyaluronic acid and snail mucin in creams and serums also keep the skin hydrated and supple. Not just for dry skin, hydration is important for oily skin too. 
Hydration serums are best applied both in the morning and evening. Post cleansing, apply serums and moisture emulsions before sealing it in with thick moisturizer.


Growing up, we have all used gritty walnut scrubs for physical exfoliation, only to realise later how damaging it has been for our skin barrier. Rough abrasive cleansers like this create micro-tears in the skin, increasing the chances of infection and acne. 
While exfoliation is important, physical scrubs are not the way to do it. Opt for chemical exfoliants like AHAs, BHAs, lactic acid, or glycolic acid. Initially start with 2-5% solution, and increase gradually.


All of the steps, all skincare products and regimes are useless if you don’t protect yourself from sun damage. Sunscreen with an SPF upwards of 40 is the bare minimum when you step out. Not only does it protect you from visible photo damage but also harmful UV rays. We suggest you look for a sunscreen with wide-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB.


While not exactly a traditional skincare tip, ample sleep is the most important way to care for your skin during the festive season. The late-night parties and festive food can be overwhelming for the body.
Ample sleep of 8 hours is required for the body to recover, rest, and rejuvenate from everyday stress, and even more important in the festive season.

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