5 Brown Mascaras To Add To Your Vanity Kit

While black gives a sharp look, brown mascaras are what you need for eyes that subtly draw attention.

Published On Feb 29, 2024 | Updated On Apr 01, 2024


Mascaras are some of the easiest tools to uplift your eye makeup look with zero to no effort. Fluttery beautiful lashes not only define your eyes but also add a sharp look to your face. Whether you prefer it waterproof, or easily washable, there is no denying the allure of mascara. A big emerging trend in the mascara space this year is going for colourful, especially brown mascaras. A brown colour mascara gives the required depth to your eyes while still keeping the look subtle and perfect for day-to-day wear.

Here are 5 brown mascaras for you to try this season

Coming from the brand of renowned makeup artist Namrata Soni, this dark brown mascara is every desi girl’s best friend. Subtle, smokey, or just casual, no matter what is your look for the day, this brown color mascara is sure to elevate your look like nobody’s business. Retailing at Rs 1599, this brown waterproof mascara absolutely deserves to be in your vanity bag.

Versatile is this brown mascara’s middle name. Designed to work perfectly as a brown eyelash mascara as much as it works as a brown eyebrow mascara, this product is hands down the best brown mascara for people on the go. Retailing at Rs 750 it is also said to be lengthening and strengthening.

Another brown eyebrow mascara that works wonders, Max Factor’s Bro Revival is a great option for people with sparse brows. In comparison to a jet-black brow mascara, this one looks natural and fills in the brows effortlessly. You can also pair this up with Max Factor’s Divine Lashes Mascara in Black Brown for your makeup to look tied up neatly.

One of the best brushes you can get in brown mascaras, this outing from Kiko Milano will give you wispy lashes that frame your eyes beautifully without looking too artificial. While this brown color mascara also comes in a bunch of other alluring shades, nothing beats the charm of brown, and just how well it works on Indian skin tones. 

There is no way we’d mention how much better a brown mascara is, and then not mention Korean beauty brands. Shaping the dewy no-makeup makeup look’s popularity worldwide, Korean brands have had a variety of shades to choose from much before many others did. Rom&nd is one such brand, and their brown mascaras are to die for. Unlike others, they have a shade range of browns, making them the best brown mascara for beginners. You just cannot go wrong with a shade range like that.  

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