13 Times Taapsee Pannu's Chic Sarees Gave Us Desi Style Inspiration!

Here are 13 beautiful saree inspirations from the firecracker performer for your next traditional outing.

Published On Sep 15, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


The saree is the most versatile Indian women's clothing of all. Sarees are the epitome of grace, and once you get used to draping and carrying them, they will literally feel like second skin.

There is so much to explore with sarees, with their make, material, colours, patterns and weaves. To add to that, it can be quite a challenge to find new draping patterns for a stylish saree look. To make things easier, you can simply opt for a ready to wear saree when you aren't in the mood for taking the effort to drape one entirely. As for us, we are always on the lookout for our favourite Bollywood actresses to serve some saree inspiration.

While Taapsee Pannu's stellar acting chops need no introduction, we found some of Taapsee Pannu's saree draping styles and saree patterns that you could definitely use as inspiration for your next occasion.

With a mind blowing, smart caption and a classy saree, Taapsee Pannu carries the chic organza saree like a stunning flowy gown. The minimal design on her saree is a classic and perfect for intimate sundowners!

A handloom saree is the new fashion in sarees for all age groups today. Pair it with a woollen blouse, or a knitted cropped top like Taapsee for a fun twist to your pretty handloom saree.

For a sexy, chic look, don't forget to add a bralette-blouse to your collection. Taapsee's contemporary saree pick with the sexy blouse and slick styling ticks all the right boxes for a classy soiree.

You can get many such ready to wear sarees out there for a quick dress-up at the traditional festivals. Look how Taapsee Pannu has chosen to wear this pink saree with an old-fashioned balloon sleeved blouse. So never think that something runs out of fashion ever!

A new fashion saree with a lot of modern prints and bold colours! Taapsee Pannu has rocked this look with a cotton blouse with a completely different pattern, which you could try with your own wardrobe.

A complete remodelling of the traditional saree. No need to pin it up or have it neatly tucked everywhere. Just put on a blouse, play around with blouse and saree colours, and carry it with shoes or casual jewelleries. And you are ready for a lunch date!

We have seen this fashion around for a long time now, but Taapsee Pannu manages to keep the stylish saree with tie over blouse simple and casual, and yet delivers a very south Indian touch to it.


What do you see in this black and white image of Taapsee Pannu? A party-wear net saree with a stunning blouse! This is the key to successfully draping any saree that you find a bit boring or plain: jazz the blouse up a bit!

At first glance, we won't even recognise that this is a saree; it is that modern. With a matching saree and blouse, Taapsee Pannu decided to wear this saree with a jacket like a summer dress with a waist belt holding it together.

Another ultra modern look by Taapsee Pannu. So instead of a blouse, she decides to go with denim and keep it edgy and casual. A saree with a jacket is a trend nowadays, but the post is old enough to make us believe that she was the one who brought it. Now imagine a black designer saree with a light blue denim shirt or jacket. Cool, right?

Let's see one more from the 'saree with jacket’ category, except this time it is almost a coat! The plain off-white saree goes so well with the embroidered sweetheart blouse and a long jacket. This is the outfit for months like August and September, where the quick weather changes make us regret our outfit for the day.

If you liked the previous one, this one is going to haunt your dreams. Replace the blouse with any long top, preferably an angarkha, to give elegance and a whole new look to your boring old mirror work saree.

Let us end the list with something elegant and simple. Try your full-sleeved coloured blouse on any grayscale saree. White sarees are already catching up in the market these days, but even a black designer saree with cool coloured blouses will be a hoot for you!

Photo: Instagram/Taapsee Pannu