10 Things to Know Before Getting A Tattoo

Thinking of getting inked?

Published On Mar 02, 2022 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Getting a tattoo is painful, but did you know that tattoos were initially invented to treat pain? In the mid-18th century, many Native American women tattooed themselves to alleviate the pain caused due to toothaches and arthritis. Tattooing gained momentum during the mid-19th century when it was used as an identification mark for soldiers. Martin Hildebrandt was one of the first tattoo artists who set up his shop in the 19th century.

Later on, it was adopted by New York’s high society as a whimsical fashion statement. With time, tattoos became a part of the subculture, even though they were still a part of the back alleys of business districts. Over the years, as the trends shifted, tattoo parlours too found a place in the central business district.

Today, they are a part of pop culture. More people love getting inked now than a decade ago. Tattoos are trendy, but they can also go wrong—that’s why you need to be careful, especially with your first tattoo.

Getting your first tattoo is never easy. Hence, you need to take into consideration the below-mentioned tips before getting inked for the first time. Read on.


Start your tattooing endeavour with a small tattoo. Take time to understand your body’s tolerance level to pain, and then you can consider getting bigger tattoos. Also, give yourself a chance to learn how your skin takes the ink and how your body heals from the pain of getting a tattoo.

Excessive exposure to the sun and water can damage your tattoo. So, avoid getting a tattoo during the summer. Spring and early autumn are the best time to get a tattoo.  

Refrain from getting a tattoo at a suspiciously cheap tattoo parlour. Since you are altering your body for life, choose the right tattoo parlour even if it is more expensive than you expected it to be. You can also take tattoo advice from friends who already have one.

Before getting a tattoo, eat a proper meal, because, during the process, your blood sugar levels can drop. So, make sure you eat some carbs before heading for your first tattoo else you might end up feeling dizzy or nauseous.

It is advisable to prepare your skin before getting inked. Gentle moisturising is all you need. Also, you need to shave before getting a tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo on a place where shave regularly, then it is advisable to shave before tattooing especially because you cannot shave the area again until it is completely healed.

Your tattoo artist will give you instructions that you need to follow religiously. Proper care will alleviate the pain and fasten the healing process. Furthermore, if you experience constant pain or uneasiness around the tattoo, get in touch with the tattoo artist and seek a solution.

You should have no doubts in your mind before getting your first tattoo. So, get all the information you need regarding the tattooing process beforehand.


Before getting a tattoo, you should have a clear picture of what you want the tattoo to look like. It is imperative to choose the right design before getting inked. Additionally, the placement of a tattoo is another important decision you need to make beforehand. Areas that experience friction, like in-between fingers and palms, do not hold tattoos well. So, also take the tattoo artist’s suggestion before deciding the placement of the tattoo.

Many people get anxious at the mere thought of getting a tattoo—primarily because of the pain it induces. However, stressing over it will not do you any good. Furthermore, panicking will ruin the experience for you. So, take a deep breath and prepare yourself for what’s coming ahead.

Consider giving your tattoo artist a tip if you are satisfied with the result. A tattoo artist tries tooth and nail to bring your rapturous desire of getting inked to life. Hence, they deserve a token of gratitude. Giving them a tip is your way of rewarding them for their perseverance and talent.

A few years ago, England footballer Ross Barkley publicly announced that he would be removing a whole sleeve of tattoos. Barkley exclaimed that he got inked when he was young, and in retrospect, he regrets his decision of getting tattooed. Commenting on the footballer’s statement, a tattoo artist said that getting a tattoo just for the sake of getting them will lead to regret and disappointment. Similarly, if you are getting a tattoo out of a whim, drop the plan. You don’t want something that you’ll regret later on. 

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