Celebrate Your Mom: 10 Awesome Things To Do On Mother’s Day

Wondering what to do for mom on her special day? Here are some thoughtful Mother’s Day activities to make her feel special.

Published On May 03, 2023 | Updated On May 09, 2024


On Mother's Day, we celebrate the most significant woman in our lives and express our love and gratitude for her. It's an opportunity to show our appreciation and love for all that our moms, grandmoms, and other mother figures have given to us throughout the course of our lives.

Naturally, as Mother's Day approaches, people start preparing and planning the various ways in which they can make their moms feel special. There are numerous alternatives to buying a gift or card that will make the occasion special and meaningful. There are many things to do on Mother’s Day and frankly, the list of Mother’s Day activities is endless.

The idea behind Mother’s Day activities is to be able to spend quality time with your mother. If you plan in advance, there are many things to do on Mother’s Day to express your love and gratitude for your mother even if you don't live close to her or can't spend Mother's Day with her. You may send her flowers, a nice gift, or a care package including her favourite snacks. 


Here are 10 ideas for fun and love-filled Mother’s Day activities that are bound to put a smile on your mom’s face:

Cooking your mother's favourite meal is one of the most wonderful things to do on Mother's Day. Cook her a special meal, whether it's an indulgent breakfast in bed or a fancy dinner; it will show her how much you care. If you’re someone who can’t cook well, don’t worry, taking her for a surprise meal at her favourite restaurant will do the trick too! If your mom enjoys a drink, be sure to order or add a cocktail that complements your meal, for that added touch of awesomeness.


Mother’s Day is a fantastic time to organise a family outing. Spending time with family is a wonderful way to honour this important day. Whether it is a picnic in the park or a day out in the mall, any day spent together with family is enough to make some wonderful memories. Make sure to pick an activity to do that everyone at home can partake in but is especially one that your mum will love.

A heartfelt letter is one of those things to do on Mother’s Day that will never go out of style. It’s a great way to show your mother how much you love and appreciate her. Write down everything you appreciate and adore about her, and tell her how much she means to you. She will treasure this present for many years to come.


Giving your mum a spa day is a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day activity. Make a reservation for a pedicure, facial, and massage and let her unwind. As an alternative, you might set up a bubble bath, light some candles, and turn on some relaxing music to make a spa day at home that makes for a wonderful idea if you’re looking for DIY Mother’s Day activities.

A thoughtful method to let your mother know you care is with a personalised gift. There are many thoughtful gift ideas for you to consider and choose from. You can paint a painting of her favourite flower, design jewellery with her birthstone, or compile a photo book of your favourite times spent together. There are countless options to execute personalised gifting activities on Mother’s Day, and a personalised gift can demonstrate to your mother that you took the time to create something unique for her.

If your mother enjoys shopping, taking her on a spree is a wonderful way to show her how much you care. Allow her to buy whatever she wants, whether it is some new clothes, accessories, or skincare and make-up items. This is a delightful and indulgent way to honour mothers. Shopping is one of those things to do on Mother’s Day which every mother will love.


If your mother like sweets, baking her a decadent dessert is a wonderful way to show her how much you care. She will value the time and attention you put into making her something special, whether it's a batch of her favourite cookies, a baked pie, or a rich cake. You can even take it up a notch by organising a baking date at one of the bakery studios nearby. It’s definitely among the top favourite Mother’s Day activities. 

If your mother enjoys watching films, plan a movie marathon. Make some popcorn and some munchies, then pick her favourite movies or a recent releases. This is a warm and comforting approach to spending time with one another and enjoying the cinema.


This is one of the best things to do on Mother’s Day if your mom loves to travel. Taking inspiration from Jack Whitehall’s Travels With My Father,  plan an enjoyable and exciting road trip to a place she has always wished to visit. This is a special way to celebrate with your loved one, whether it's a trip to the beach or a gorgeous drive through the mountains. If you don’t have holidays for a trip, book a staycation instead!

Honouring your mother's compassion and dedication by giving back to the community is a beautiful idea. Make a donation to a cause that matters to her or provide a helping hand at a neighbourhood charity. This is a heartfelt way to honour your mother on Mother's Day and let her know how much you respect the values and morals she has instilled in you in addition to all that she does for you.

Photo: Instagram/ Alia Bhatt, Masaba Gupta