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Kala Jamun By Chef Akanksha Khatri

Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun is a simply irresistible stuffed dessert. Chef Akanksha Khatri shares the step-by-step recipe of this delicacy.
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Cooking Time

8-10 Min

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Preparation Time

10-20 Min



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  • For Kala Jamun Syrup

    • 1.5 cups sugar

    • 1.5 cups water

    • few Whole Cardamom Pods

    • 1 tsp rose Water

    • a few saffron strands

  • For Kala Jamun Dough

    • 200 gm khoya (Mawa)

    • 1/4 cup chenna

    • 4 tbsp maida (all-purpose flour)

    • ½ tbsp semolina

    • a pinch of Baking Soda

    • 2 tsp sugar

    • a small pinch of cardamom powder

    • oil/ghee for frying

  • For Kala Jamunn Stuffing

    • 2 tbsp almonds and pistachios finely chopped

    • few saffron strands soaked in 2 tbsp warm milk

    • khoya mix


  1. 1

    First, prepare sugar syrup for jamun by boiling water, sugar, cardamom pods and saffron. Boil it for 12-15 minutes on medium flame. (Make sure that it does not reach string consistency). When done, turn off the flame and add rose water.
  2. 2

    To make the jamun, add khoya in a bowl and knead well for a couple of minutes till the it softens and becomes grain free. Use the heel of your hand while kneading.
  3. 3

    When done, add chenna and start thoroughly kneading the mixture with the heels of your hand for good 3-4 minutes.
  4. 4

    Now add maida, semolina, baking soda, sugar, cardamom powder and knead until it forms a soft dough. Once the dough is ready, let it rest for 15 minutes.
  5. 5

    After 15 minutes, take 1/3rd portion of the dough to make the kala jamun stuffing.
  6. 6

    In a small bowl, add pistachios, almonds and saffron milk into 1/3rd portion of the dough and combine well.
  7. 7

    Once the stuffing is ready, divide into small sized balls and similarly divide the kala jamun dough mixture into equal number of dough balls.
  8. 8

    Now, take dough ball and press it between your palms and stuff it with the stuffing made earlier. Carefully seal all sides. Later, shape it into smooth balls. Do not apply too much pressure and avoid cracks on jamuns.
  9. 9

    When the oil/ghee gets hot, reduce the flame to a medium low. Remember, Oil/ghee should be just hot but not smoky. If the oil is too hot the jamuns will burn and remain uncooked within. Fry them till they are dark brown.
  10. 10

    When done, carefully take them out and drop them in hot sugar syrup immediately. The sugar syrup should be hot, but not extremely hot.
  11. 11

    Serve them warm or cold and garnished with silver vark.


Kala Jamun is an exquisite and popular Indian dessert that is served during festivals. It is quite similar to the popular Gulab Jamun - the only difference being their colour. Gulab Jamuns are deep-fried golden coloured balls whereas Kala Jamuns are deep-fried dark coloured stuffed balls. The dark colour is attained by frying the jamuns on a low flame for a few minutes. 

Kala Jamuns are stuffed with a mixture of pistachios, almonds and khoya. They are then deep-fried till they attain a dark colour and then are left to soak in warm saffron and cardamom infused sugar syrup for at least 2-3 hours. 

Kala Jamun is a soft, tender and melt in mouth dessert that is simply irresistible. 

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