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Fetua By Chef Akanksha Khatri


Fetua is a delicious winter dessert from North India. Chef Akanksha Khatri shares the recipe for this delicacy which is popular in hometown of Mirzapur.
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Cooking Time

10-15 Min

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Preparation Time

10-15 Min



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  • For Fetua

    • ½ cup ghee

    • 1 cup urad dal flour

    • few kesar strands

    • 75 gm bura sugar

    • ¼ tsp green cardamom powder

    • ¼ tsp black cardamom powder


  1. 1

    Heat ghee in a pan, add urad dal flour and cook till the dal cooks.
  2. 2

    Add Saffron soaked in saffron water and mix well.
  3. 3

    Remove this mixture in a bowl and let it cool for few minutes.
  4. 4

    Now with the help of an electric whisk, start whipping the mixture to incorporate air in the mixture and make it fluffy.
  5. 5

    Add crushed bura sugar at intervals and incorporate well.
  6. 6

    Add green & black cardamom powder. Give it a good mix with spatula.
  7. 7

    Take a spoonful of fetua mixture and place it in the mould and press nicely.
  8. 8

    Garnish with chopped pistachios and refrigerate for 2 hours. Take out of refrigerator and demold.

Fetua is a winter delicacy from North India. In Varanasi it’s called Magdal as it is made from moong dal. But the Mirzapur version is made from urad dal. The name Fetua comes from beating the urad dal. 

This sweet has longer shelf life as there is no water or milk added to it. Urad dal helps protect heart, good for skin and hair, improves bone health. Chef enhances the taste by adding kesar, cardamom and dry fruits which also aides in oral health, blood purification and not to mention the delicious taste.

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