Phirni Reinvented

Phirni Reinvented Recipe

Phirni Reinvented Recipe

Abhishek Bhandari

Abhishek Bhandari

So the recipe is inspired from the traditional phirni from Amritsar which I have grown up eating. It's my take on the mo ... Read More

Cooking Time

Cooking Time

9 hours

Meal Type

Meal Type


Ingredients For Phirni Reinvented Recipe

  • 1 L Milk

  • 50g Rice flour

  • Few strands Saffron

  • 100g Sugar

  • 10 drops Kewra water

  • 100g khoya Khoya/mawa


  • 100g Passion fruit puree

  • 50g Orange juice

  • 25g Sugar

  • 5g Agar agar


  • 80g Egg whites

  • 30g Sugar

  • 20g Almond powder

  • 10g Refined flour


  • 100g Neutral glaze

  • Few strands Soaked in water Saffron

  • Water to adjust consistency

How to make Phirni Reinvented Recipe?

  1. Boil all the ingredients of PASSIONFRUIT puree and let it cool. Keep it in small sphere to set.
  2. Whisk egg whites for dacquoise until stiff peaks by gradually adding sugar. Add remaining ingredients, cut & fold. Bake at 200C for 7-8 minutes. Cut in small ring moulds.
  3. Soak rice flour in some water for 1 hour. Boil milk, add saffron to it and let it simmer for 10 minutes
  4. Add in soaked rice flour and stir continuously so it doesn't get burn
  5. When it starts to thicken, add khoya & sugar.
  6. Cook till it reaches nice thick consistency
  7. Let it cool and then start assembling
  8. Take a bigger 7cm diameter sphere mould and fill half of it with cooled phirni.
  9. In the centre add frozen set passionfruit gel.
  10. Cover it by adding the phirni and at last insert the dacquoise
  11. Keep in the freezer atleast for 4 hours until it is set. Demould & glaze with neutral glaze mixed with saffron water.
  12. Garnish with saffron & crushed nuts and wait until it's completely thawed to enjoy the amazing flavors

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