On Thriwe's Visionary Founder, Dhruv Verma: Transforming Consumer Benefits With Innovation And Resilience

A look at how Dhruv navigates personal challenges to revolutionise the consumer benefits realm, blending innovation, resilience, and a commitment to creating a transformative ecosystem, shaping the future of loyalty and fintech on a global scale.

Published On Mar 13, 2024 | Updated On Mar 13, 2024


ICYMI, the Zee Zest Unlimit Awards 2024 was held as an electrifying evening at Taj Santacruz on March 5th amidst a vibrant crowd of influencers and celebrities. The show soared to new heights, thanks to the tech brilliance of Thriwe, led by the visionary founder Dhruv Verma. The entrepreneur stands out effortlessly in the competitive market; propelled by personal challenges and a keen understanding of consumer needs. His resilient journey, rooted in corporate experience, led to the inception of Thriwe, a transformative force in the consumer benefits realm. Recognising the growing demand among India's mass affluent population for consolidated premium benefits, Verma addressed logistical complexities through strategic solutions, robust systems, and technology investments, optimising operational efficiency. Inspired to become an entrepreneur due to personal adversity and a keen understanding of consumer needs, Dhruv developed a sharp sense of resourcefulness early on. His journey in the corporate world honed his expertise in customer acquisition and partnerships, but it was his passion for startups that truly influenced his decision to start a business.

Let's get to know him, and his venture a bit further…

The initial idea behind Dhruv's business was to create a seamless interface for golf enthusiasts, a platform where they could easily book golf games online. This insight led to the creation of GolfLan, aimed at revolutionising the way Indian golfers connected with golf courses. As Thriwe evolved, it expanded its horizons beyond the golf industry, transitioning into creating a comprehensive B2B consumer benefits marketplace. In the early days, Dhruv's goal was to address the need for premium benefits on a single platform for the growing mass affluent population in India. One of the major challenges he faced was tackling the logistical complexities involved in providing these benefits. He focused on developing robust systems and processes, investing in technology infrastructure, and constantly iterating to optimise his operations.

As an entrepreneur, his philosophy defies the conventional work-life balance, viewing entrepreneurship as an immersive journey demanding intense commitment and an unwavering work ethic. This holistic approach, blurring the lines between work and life, is deeply ingrained in his daily life, propelling his passion for creating a transformative ecosystem within the consumer benefits marketplace. For him, the line between work and life is interconnected, with each sphere influencing and enriching the other. His entrepreneurial journey is fueled by a passion for creating a transformative ecosystem within the consumer benefits marketplace, embedded in his daily life. This passion for creating a transformative ecosystem within the consumer benefits marketplace is reflected in Thriwe’s vision and mission. Thriwe’s vision is to lead the transformative loyalty and fintech revolution on a global scale, and its mission is to craft a unique experience for its clients and their customers by curating an extensive range of tailored loyalty and benefit solutions, leveraging the potential of data and technology to redefine the loyalty rewards landscape.

In a strategic collaboration with Zee Zest, Thriwe solidifies its position as a technology partner, contributing innovative solutions to enhance consumer experiences. Beyond this, Thriwe supports restaurant partners by providing an efficient platform for event registration on Zee Zest. This collaboration not only elevates Zee Zest's capabilities but also streamlines event registration for restaurant partners, demonstrating Thriwe's commitment to practical solutions that enhance operational processes and consumer engagement.                     

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