7 Easy Steps to Set up Paytm Automatic Top-up

Learn how to set up Automatic Add Money on Paytm.

Published On Jun 27, 2022 | Updated On Mar 03, 2024


With a number of safe and reliable services, Paytm has become one of the India's most-loved payments app. Although there is immense competition in this segment, Paytm has managed to be on the top of its game. Hence, millions of users trust Paytm for their online recharges.

Their mobile application features play a vital role in providing a better customer experience. One such feature is their ‘Automatic Add money’ feature on Paytm mobile app.

This feature is specially curated for people who use Paytm on a daily basis but want to get out of the hassle of adding money each time they make a payment. With this feature, users can easily set-up auto add money to their wallet. It means, when the wallet has low balance, it automatically tops-up based on your instructions.

If you don’t know how to add money in your Paytm wallet, allow us to be your guide and follow these steps:

Open the Paytm app on your phone and then click on the profile icon. The profile icon is situated on top of your left-hand side corner.

After you click on it you will see your ‘QR code’, ‘Payment Settings’, ‘Orders & Bookings’, ‘Cashback & Offers’.

After you click on ‘Payment Settings’, you will find ‘Automatic Payments & Subscriptions’ below your ‘Paytm Wallet’ and above ‘Saved Cards’.

After you click on ‘Automatic Payments & Subscriptions’ you will find three options under ‘Set a New Automatic Payment’: ‘Recharge/ Bill Payments’, ‘Add Money’, and ‘Gold’.

After you click on ‘Add Money’, it will display the page to set up Automatic Add Money. Paytm will automatically add money when your balance goes low using your payment method.

You need to add 2 amounts. ‘When the wallet goes below’, which means the wallet will be automatically topped-up if the balance goes below the amount you select. The other is ‘Automatically Add’, which means the amount you want to be added if the balance is low.

Once you select Proceed, you will be given different options to make the payment.

You can choose to pay from the Paytm Bank Account or any other account.

However, how much money you can add to your wallet is defined by RBI guidelines.

Yes, that's it! Just these 7 simple steps to set up the Automatic Add Money feature and make your payments in just a few seconds.

Enjoy superfast and secure one-click wallet payments on Paytm. Download the Paytm app now!

Photo: Paytm