Tabled With Love: How A Little Touch Of Décor Can Change The Way You Entertain

Whether you’re having a date at home or hosting a meal for six, how you decorate your table speaks volumes of your taste. Designer Krsnaa Mehta shares expert tips.

Published On Jun 14, 2024 | Updated On Jul 04, 2024


The art of table decoration is more than just functionality rather it transforms a simple dining space into an eye-catching art piece for memorable moments. Hosting an intimate dinner for two or a gathering, the arrangement of tableware, decor pieces and everything else plays an important role in creating a perfect artwork. Here are some ideas to get you started: 

There's immense love for your partners or your date, even when you are entertaining them at your home, and simplicity and elegance are key. Opt for a smaller tablecloth or placemats to create spaces that are defined and don't seem overpowering. Choose dinnerware in neutral tones or delicate patterns to create a sense of intimacy. 

Start with elegant and subtle white plates that allow the food to take centre stage, as it’s something you’d like them to see and appreciate. Similarly, silvery cutlery maintains the subtle ambience, remembering your date is the focus, and just add a touch of pop, add some muted napkins and why not some colourful food. Avoid using metallic tumblers that shine too much, rather opt for glasses. 


Decorating a table doesn’t only mean placing the plates and the cutlery, the centrepiece is also highly important. Using fragrant flowers in a slender tall vase makes your table look elegant.


Hosting a party for six allows for a detailed table decoration while still maintaining a small, private atmosphere. You can decide on a theme and decorate your table around it. 

The beauty of styling bigger tables is that you have enough space to play around with your ideas and imagination. Importantly, deciding on a theme is important because ideas will keep flowing but you don’t want it to overflow and occupy all the space and clutter your table. 


Start with a table cloth and then runners and place mats, use tableware that complement each other. Place table mats and create defined space for each person. Place your food in the centre and at the end place pieces like flower vases or candles that just uplifts the mood. Fragrant candles do the best job in creating a positive space and are a great conversation starter. Place cutlery properly wrapped in a napkin. 

You can add small glasses of flowers and tiny decor pieces for each individual and create personalised space for them. Incorporate seasonal blooms and greenery for a fresh and vibrant touch. 

1. Don’t add too many things on the table, the extra food plates and serve ware can be kept at a different table apart from the dining table. 

2. Choose colour schemes that go well together and are not opposites, avoid strong scented candles or scents as if the table is outdoors, it will attract bugs and insects. 

3. Don’t use too complicated designs, or non-personal designs that don’t go well with the occasion. 

Whether you're setting the table for an intimate dinner for two or a lively gathering for six, attention to detail is key to creating a visually stunning table that sets the stage for memorable moments. By carefully selecting tableware, coordinating accents, and incorporating thoughtful centrepieces, you can elevate any occasion and transform an ordinary meal into an extraordinary experience. 

– The writer is a designer and the founder of India Circus - a Godrej venture and decor consultant. 


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