Orient Electric BLDC Fans Brings Smart Features, Classy Designs And Energy Efficiency In Its Latest Ceiling Fans

The new range of ceiling fans have wider blades, are dust-resistant and have LED lights too.

Published On Jun 14, 2022 | Updated On Jul 09, 2024


Gone are the days when ceiling fans were just a necessity to keep the summer heat away. Today, with improved and advanced technology, something as basic as a ceiling fan is not just a utility. It is a home decor, a convenience, and also smart, yes smart!

Wider blades, dust resistant, energy-efficient, noiseless mechanism, LED lights, and smart features - are some of the features you will find in the ceiling fans. They are no longer a product that solve a singular purpose. In fact, ceiling fans have gone on to become an essential part of home decor.

When it comes to Innovation, style, performance and energy efficiency in fans, Orient Electric offers you a best range of ceiling fans. Orient Electric’s Aeroslim, Aeroquiet, and i-Float, are a few such fans that come with all such features.These fans fall under the technologically advanced category of and offer features like 50 per cent electricity savings, higher air throw and convenience through IoT, Smart apps and remote operations. Aesthetics indeed, are an icing on the cake.

Aeroslim is a powerful, silent and IoT enabled ceiling fan. Its wide blades have been designed to facilitate better airflow and air thrust. The first thing you would ask when you see the Aeroslim would be “Is that really a fan?”. Its unique telescopic design makes it stand out amongst other ceiling fans. A look at the Aeroslim and you’ll have an ice-breaking conversation on hand.

This noiseless ceiling fan is dust-resistant, hence easy to clean and maintain. It offers a glossy smoothness, long-lasting shine and a in a cylindrical design. The wide blades are made using high-grade ABS and hence are bend-proof. It features a 310 RPM motor that consumes only 45W of power at its highest speed and can be controlled using a remote control. The Aeroslim is a feature-loaded fan that delivers a staggering 260 CMM air delivery and saves 40 per cent energy at top speed.

The Aeroslim enhances the convenience and design quotient of your decor. Equipped with IoT technology, you can control the Aeroslim using voice commands via Alexa or google assistance. This fan can also be mobile integrated. You can operate using Orient’s mobile app. Some other features of the Aeroslim include:

  • Three modes of turbo, breeze, and sleep
  • Built-in timer
  • Reverse rotation
  • Scene-switching light
  • Ceiling adjustable telescopic mounting – adjust the length of the mount depending on the height of the ceiling.

In short, the Aeroslim is a feature-loaded ceiling fan that has an energy-efficient motor with a classy design that sets new standards in the ceiling fan segment.

Next in line is the Aeroquiet BLDC. As the name suggests, this is a very silent but equally powerful ceiling fan. The blades of the Aeroquiet are designed aerodynamically to provide increased airflow and also reduce the sound of the blades cutting through the air. The blades are fixed to the housing motor without any flange. Hence there is no void between the motor and the blades, due to which the fan offers increased airflow at whisper-level sounds.

The one standout feature of the Aeroquiet is its unique design. A curvaceous design with a high gloss premium finish makes the Aeroquiet look chicer than any other fan. At a speed of 310 RPM, the Aeroquiet offers 240 CMM air thrust, making it one of the highest air delivery fans. Aeroquiet also comes with an Intelligent BLDC motor and gives you a 50% savings on electricity consumption. The Orient Aeroquiet BLDC is indeed an attention-grabbing piece of home appliance that enhances your home decor and is impressively powerful.

Finally, let’s talk about the Orient i-Float IoT ceiling fan. The i-Float comes with 100% rust-free blades and high gloss premium finish. In addition to having a very efficient noiseless operation, this also has an intelligent BLDC motor. This is one ceiling fan that you must consider as it ticks most of the columns effectively. Is it good-looking? Is it energy efficient fan? Is it silent? Is it 5-star rated? Does it have a BLDC motor? The i-Float answers an emphatic Yes to all these questions.

With a sweep length of 1200 mm and an impressive air delivery of 225 CMM, it runs silently, giving the impression of a floating fan, hence the name i-Float. This fan is powered by ECM technology designed to reduce energy consumption and work efficiently on low voltage. It consumes only 35 W of energy. The Orient i-Float is BEE 5-star rated and can save up to 50% energy compared to other ordinary fans.

We talked about how the i-Float has a premium finish. Did we tell you that on the i-Float’s rotor? There is a Metalized Deco Ring on the rotor that makes it look very unique! To top this, you can control iFloat with the Orient Electric app. Since it supports IoT, one can control it using voice controls via Alexa or google assistance. Thus, it is truly a hands-free experience that you get with the Orient i-Float.

The Bottom Line? All the three Orient ceiling fans mentioned here offer premium looks, reduce power consumption and their aerodynamically designed blades give maximum air delivery to every corner of your room - and all of this at a reasonable price tag.

These fans have a WOW factor to them as far as their looks are concerned, but once you use them, you will find that the WOW factor spreads to all features of these amazingly engineered ceiling fans from Orient.

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Photo: Orient Electric