6 Meditation Room Ideas To Create A Peaceful Space At Home

Keep these tips in mind to create a space where you feel relaxed as soon as you enter.

Published On Mar 19, 2022 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Meditation is the simplest way to deal with daily stress. Having a dedicated space in your home for a meditation room can take your practice to the next level. It's not enough to just have a quiet space in your home; you also need to create the perfect atmosphere that can help you to relax. When creating a meditation room, there are many things to consider — from aromatic candles to suitable lighting. 

Here are some meditation room ideas to help you create the perfect space in the comfort of your home.


A meditation room is meant to be your sanctuary of peace and tranquillity. So, any source of distraction, such as a television, computer or phone should be kept out of this room. Since everyone’s way of relaxing is different, decorating your meditation space will also be a personal affair. Plan your meditation room design keeping in mind that it’s a place you can enter and immediately feel peaceful. Everything in the space, including the colours, furniture and decorations, should aid you in your daily meditation.

The hues you select will have an effect on how you feel in the room and about the room. Darker colours, for example, may feel comforting, but they also make a space appear smaller. Lighter colours, on the other hand, will open up a room but may lack the warmth you need. Go for a colour scheme that feels relaxing to you. Blues and yellows are known to have a relaxing effect. Greens are excellent options too but avoid using red or orange since they are too intense and provocative. Remove or avoid any wall decorations that may divert your focus while meditating.


Install soothing lights in your meditation space. Avoid fluorescent lights as they are recommended for work environments and not areas meant for relaxation. Abundant natural light is ideal. Candles may also help to produce a subtle glow and calm vibe.

Remember not to overcrowd your meditation room. Keep only those items that you need and those that help to create a relaxing vibe. Avoid cluttering the space, as that will eventually distract you from the reason you're there. Meditation spaces are often decorated with natural elements like candles, plants and fountains.


Meditation is usually done sitting on the ground in the lotus pose. So make sure you have enough comfortable floor cushions or a mat to support your stance. If you need to sit or kneel, make sure you have the proper bench or chair. Only when you are physically comfortable can you meditate in peace. Meditation chairs are designed for maximum comfort, but most people prefer the simplicity of a mat.

Light some incense to create the right atmosphere. Scents help with meditation as specific fragrances are known to be soothing and relaxing. Many meditators prefer sandalwood. Its aroma is warm, deep and rich; it’s highly nectarous and has minor overtones of wood. More familiar fragrances such as lavender may also help to relax and soothe your mind and body.

Finally, to create the best meditation space in your house, stick to your unique style and preferences to build a calm environment where you feel at ease.

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