Lesser Known Facts About Isha Ambani House: Gulita

Take a look at the magnificence of Isha Ambani Piramal’s home - Gulita.

Published On Feb 22, 2024 | Updated On Mar 26, 2024


We keep admiring Mukesh Ambani's marvellous home ‘Antilia,’ but there's another lavish property in Worli that's considered one of the world's most plush properties. The Piramal residence, popularly known as ‘Gulita,’ is the perfect dream home with an abundance of grandeur. The sole Ambani daughter, Isha Ambani, got married to the son of billionaire businessman Ajay Piramal, Anand Piramal, on December 12, 2018. Gulita was a gift to Anand and Isha from the Piramals. This 450-crore bungalow overlooking the Arabian Sea is the perfect place to witness the union of luxury, aesthetics, and bliss.

With its tempting outdoor swimming pool and its signature diamond room, the sea-facing Isha Ambani House feels otherworldly. The Piramal residence has been designed by a London-based engineering firm, Eckersley OCallaghan, and is truly an architectural marvel. Scroll down to check out some fascinating facts about this lavish property.

Interesting details about the Isha Ambani house 

Daughter of Mukesh Ambani, the wealthiest Indian business tycoon Isha Ambani, married the son of billionaire Ajay Piramal in 2018. The new couple, Isha and Anand Piramal were gifted the luxurious mansion ‘Gulita’ by Isha’s in-laws, Ajay and Swati Piramal. The golden girl Isha moved from the grand Antilia to the magnificent Gulita, which covers an area of 50,000 sq. ft. Offering a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea and the Bandra-Worli sea link, the Anand Piramal house is located within the posh Worli locality of Bandra, Mumbai.

Needless to say, the Isha Ambani house is located in an elite locality and has been designed with sophistication to give it a charming appeal. This luxurious and royal residence of the Piramals is estimated to be worth Rs 1000 crore currently. The Piramal family is known to have a good command over the real estate market, and their asset, Gulita, speaks vividly of their smart choices. You might be amused to know that the Anand Piramal house is not a newly constructed structure but was built by Hindustan Unilever back in 1986 for a whopping 61.2 million USD. In 2012, the estimated value of Gulita was Rs. 450 crore, but a decade later, the building is now valued at around Rs. 1000 crore.

If you've ever crossed Gulita on your way, you'd agree that the owners have refined taste when it comes to grandeur. The Anand Piramal house has a 3-storey basement parking, a well-maintained private swimming pool, multiple dining spaces, an adorable temple, and, of course, the speciality - a diamond room. The grand five-storeyed Isha Ambani house stands tall on three glazed steel structures. The huge complex is maintained by an efficient staff who ensure the tidiness of this royal-like bungalow. 
The unique diamond structure in the middle of the building that distinguishes Gulita is actually see-through, meaning somebody standing inside this diamond room can see everything happening outside. The creation of this cool concept that is sure to leave you dazzled involved a lot of brilliant minds, including engineers from the London-based architectural firm Eckersley O’Callaghan. One look at Gulita, and you'll be in awe of its posh glass facade and extravagant rooms with high ceilings and grand chandeliers. Gulita is no less than a royal palace with a modern touch in the heart of the city of dreams.

The Isha Ambani house is well-equipped with all modern amenities and technology-enabled conveniences. From secure lift elevators inside the house to a separate office space, the house has everything one can fathom. The home office enables the couple to attend to various work emergencies from the comfort of their home. The Grand Piramal villa also has a salon where reputed make-up artists are always available so that the family members can relax and unwind whenever they want to.
The ground floor of Gulita has a vast lobby with a multipurpose spacious area available to host any grand event. This space also has a round-shaped study area, which adds a sophisticated charm to the place. However, the most fascinating feature of the first basement remains its mesmerising open water body. The lowest basement of the Anand Piramal home can accommodate up to 20 luxury cars, which itself is a testament to the huge space the building offers. The diamond room, open-air swimming pool, exquisite temple room, charming dining areas, and 3-storeyed basement parking are some of the attractive features of Gulita. The building also has comfortable and well-provided servant quarters across all the floors.

Finally, for a sneak peek inside Isha Ambani's house. The building stands on three glazed steel structures that resemble palm trees and were constructed using 3-D model instruments. These unique structures are 11m in height and add a distinguished look to the house.
Step inside Isha Ambani's house, and you’ll see the first-floor entrance lobby. This leads you to the gateways to move upstairs, where the master bedroom and dining halls are located. The interior decor of Gulita is customised per Isha’s aesthetic preferences, and therefore we see light-coloured walls with flowers spattered. The bungalow has multiple comfortable, cosy, and pretty couches at different spots to settle in and have hearty chats. 
The Gulita living room has a huge centre table where fresh flowers are arranged to greet the guests. Inside Isha Ambani's house are a host of expensive complementary furniture, including world-class paintings on the wall to complete the glamourous and posh charm of the place. It's hard to find pictures of Gulita online since Isha likes to keep her personal life private, but we can tell that their home has all the amenities they need and all the aesthetic charm that can instantly lift one’s mood.

Photo: Google Creative Commons, Instagram/ munassarkhan