These 5 Easy Décor Ideas For Your Balcony Are Perfect For Date Nights

Trying to add a dash of romance to your relationship. Check out these five cool ideas to make your balcony pretty for date night.

Published On Sep 13, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


Ever since Ralia (Ranbir and Alia) revealed their secret romantic spot in their home, i.e.their balcony, we’ve been dreaming of a love like theirs. There is no place better to enjoy nature within the home, especially if you live in a flat where an extra square foot will cost you your kidney. Whether you have a small simple balcony design or a sprawling stretch, keep the romance flame burning with a sensual date night under the stars. Love to Netflix and chill, or just snuggle and chat with limitless bottles of wine, a date night turned romantic escape on the balcony is a great way to spend a Saturday night with your partner. 

Here are some cool balcony décor ideas for a date night. 


We Indians love all things bright and warm. Set the mood for a romantic evening with this beautiful balcony design that works around different elements of light. Create a chandelier-like structure around the balcony using yellow fairy lights. Set up a small corner with a comfortable shaggy carpet, a bottle of chilled wine, and tea-light candles that set the ambiance for an intimate evening.


There is a certain charm about green plants that lend a calming vibe of positivity to the area. Transform your new balcony design with a mix of real plants and an artificial carpet of glass to lounge on. Choose a cosy corner, throw two bean bags, and set up a screen for a night of romantic Netflix bingeing. Order your partner’s favourite food and enjoy an evening of wholesome meals and uninterrupted couple time.

Make sure to use mosquito repellent before you set up camp. You don’t want to ruin the night by swatting at little insects.


What could be more romantic than walking onto your balcony that is transformed into a private restaurant for you to enjoy a candlelight date? The idea itself is so sensual, that we wonder how the experience will be. Check out our Furniture For Home Décor that seamlessly moulds into balcony decor when the occasion calls for it. Whip up a delicious creamy pasta with two glasses of wine, and some good ol’ romantic number to sway to, and soon you will be dancing under the stars.

Make the best use of your new balcony design by setting up a romantic canopy tent. An easy and extremely affordable date night idea, use white sheer dupattas or single bedsheets as a cover to plop up the fabric and make a cosy snuggle area. Lay down a comfortable carpet, some plush cushions, and a throw blanket in case it gets chilly during the evening. Hang fairy lights along the canopy, as you enjoy wine under the stars. This is one of our favourite date decoration ideas to try.

If you love all things cute, these beautiful balcony ideas with Bohemian vibes are perfect to celebrate love at home. Lay out a mattress or a sofa-cum bed on your spacious balcony to enjoy the pleasant weather as you enjoy a conversation with your significant other. Play with different levels of lights and soft romantic music to set the mood for your starry night. Light an intriguing incense in flavours like vanilla or sandalwood that are known as seductive elixirs and trigger an aphrodisiac hormone.


Is your mundane lifestyle sucking the romance out of your relationship? Make an effort to spice things up and set up a romantic date night within the comfort of your home. Our easy balcony décor ideas will stir up a whirlwind of emotions that will take your regular Netflix and chill night to intimate and wild. 

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