Best Sleeping Positions As Per Vastu To Ensure Complete Rest And Sound Sleep

Nothing impacts your health more than lack of sleep and if that is what plagues you, we have just the solution. Explore these sleeping positions as per vastu that are sure to keep you relaxed and your sleep sound.

Published On May 20, 2024 | Updated On May 28, 2024


If you are looking to design or redesign your bedroom, there are chances that you might have consulted with Vastu experts to determine the best direction for everything. Many people follow the basic concepts of Vastu. Even if you happen to be the kind of person who does not always believe in these ancient sciences, chances are you will be more receptive once you understand the intent of Vastu and why it is essential to be adhered to. While historically, this science has dictated how the layout and architecture of a place should come along, today it has progressed to the point where people consult for the optimal directions for almost everything. From the direction one’s house should be to the best bed position, according to Vastu, everything serves a purpose. There also exist the best directions to sleep, as per Vastu. But, before we jump to the most beneficial bed position according to Vastu and the best sleeping position, let us start from the basics.

Vastu, or Vastu Shastra, is an ancient Indian science which helps you build and place things around you in a way that helps improve the flow of positive energy and blocks negative energy. Vastu brings happiness, prosperity, peace and positivity when applied correctly. Vastu helps fine-tune the natural harmony between man and nature to help live a happy and positive life. Initially, Vastu Shastra was consulted whenever building holy buildings like temples. But, now, it is consulted while building any private residence or building, designing the interiors, etc. 


History shows that Indian sages laid the foundation of Vastu Shastra after years of meditation and studying. This ancient science factors in the five elements: air, space, water, fire and earth. Since these same elements make up the universe, Vastu seeks to balance the harmony between the five elements of nature and man. There are different suitable directions for different purposes, like the best bed facing direction as per Vastu will invite positive energy towards you to rejuvenate you. Following a positive bed direction for sleeping will help you achieve complete, undisturbed rest. 

Choosing the correct bed position in the bedroom, as per Vastu is crucial. Not only the direction, but you should also remember to avoid placing your bed under a beam because it disrupts free energy flow. The ideal bed position, according to Vastu, is the southwest bed direction, with the head towards the south or east while the legs are towards the north or west direction. While adjusting the bed direction for sleeping, ensure it does not end up between the south and southwest direction. You must also select wood or another natural material for your bed frame while avoiding metal. Your relaxation time will become even more restful when your bed aligns with the correct Vastu direction.


While generally, as per Vastu, the best direction to sleep is southwest, other directions can prove beneficial. If, for some reason, the southwest direction is not feasible for your sleeping, the other best directions to sleep, as per Vastu, are west, north-west and south. If we speak somewhat specifically, as per Vastu, the best direction to sleep for you is south or southwest if you are a newlywed and for students, the east direction is the most beneficial for you.


You should be mindful of a few things while designing and decorating your place, as per Vastu Shastra. Your head, or bed, must never be in the north direction. If you cannot move your bed in a more suitable direction, switch your sleeping direction to the east. As per Vastu, the best direction to sleep in this scenario is the head facing towards the east. You should also avoid the centre of the house or your room as a direction for your bed.

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