9 Incredible Home Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

We have a few hacks and tricks that will save you time doing mundane tasks.

Published On May 18, 2022 | Updated On Mar 04, 2024


Cleaning the house can be a real task—one that ranks low on many people’s favourite things to do. There’s no denying that housework takes time and effort, and most of us don’t have the hours to spare for chores. But don’t you worry! We have a few hacks and tricks that will save you time doing mundane tasks.

Check out these 9 amazing clever house hacks idea you never knew 

Imagine you’re running late for work and the shirt you want to wear is wrinkled! Of course, you don’t have time to look for the iron box and take it out. Next time you’re in such a situation, we recommend one of the simple hacks. Throw your wrinkled clothing in the dryer along with a few ice cubes. Let it run for 10 minutes. As the ice melts, moisture is created and the steam-like effect will zap the creases leaving a wrinkle-free garment.


Silver starts to lose its shine over time. Toothpaste—yes, the same thing you use to clean your pearly whites—is one of the easiest things you can use for polishing silver as it contains abrasive particles that can remove tarnish. Apply toothpaste on a microfibre cloth and rub the silver until the tarnish is removed. Wash the silver ornament with warm water and dry with a clean cloth. 

Pantry items that double as cleaning supplies are the real-life hacks that we love! Coke, the fizzy soda that we enjoy drinking, can actually give you a spotlessly clean toilet. Pour the carbonated beverage along the edges of your toilet bowl and leave it in the toilet overnight. The carbonation will take care of the heavy lifting for you! Flush the fizz away in the morning for a stain-free commode. 

Looking for DIY hacks that can prevent your extension cords from getting tangled? Get a paperclip and a small rubber band ready. Attach the clip to the rubber band and wrap it around the bundled cord. Then clasp the paperclip to the rubber band again. Or else, take an empty box and fill it with toilet paper rolls that fit vertically. Take a single cord and place it in each tube. This is yet another simple house hack idea you can use to keep your cords free from getting tangled. 

Quick question: Name one thing that you always buy but never find them when you need them? Hairbands! Toilet paper is one of the amazing hacks that keep us away from various troubles. Slide all your hairbands onto an empty toilet paper roll and tuck them in a drawer. The circular cardboard tube will keep them organized and you can always get them from a single place whenever you’re in need of them.

Earlier, we discussed home hacks to clean the toilet. This one deals with getting rid of the drain odour. If you are having trouble with the odour of your bathroom or sink drain, add a tablespoon of cooking oil after adding a quart of freshwater. This will fix the odour problem.

Got stains to get rid of? Try using baking soda and vinegar. Baking soda is a great tool to have in hand for stubborn stains and acetic acid in vinegar is a great disinfectant. Vinegar reacts with baking soda to lift stains. 


This natural simple hack will help you remove the hard water build-up from your faucet. Slice a lemon in half and place it on the end of the faucet. Later cover it with a plastic bag and secure it to the faucet using a rubber band. A few hours later, remove the lemon and clean the faucet. 

With these life hacks for a home in hand, you can let your furry little babies play on the couch! Take a paint roller cover and wrap duct tape around it with the sticky side out. Roll it over the furniture or carpet. The stickiness of the duct tape will remove all the pet hairs. When the surface gets full of hair, add more tape. 

Let’s just face it! Keeping the house neat and organized is a tough task. But with these DIY tricks for the home, you’ll be able to save a lot of time. 

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