7 Budget-Friendly Amazon Décor Finds To Elevate Your Home

Amazon's vast selection and cost-saving options make it a favourite destination for many shoppers. Whether you're looking for conventional or quirky items, Amazon has it all.

Published On Apr 21, 2024 | Updated On Apr 21, 2024


For many of us, spending hours on the Amazon shopping website and app is a guilty pleasure. We find ourselves engrossed in endless scrolling through the diverse categories of products, adding some to our carts while saving many more in our wishlists. What sets Amazon apart is its ability to offer both conventional and quirky choices across almost every category.

Another advantage of the Amazon app and website is that it caters to various budgets, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. With a vast price range, shoppers can freely decide how much they want to spend. This applies to Amazon home décor items as well, where the selection and price range allow people to decorate their homes according to their preferences without worrying about breaking the bank.

Here are some of Amazon's home décor finds under Rs. 1000 for you to try

These small, quirky planters are the perfect addition to your Amazon home décor collection, especially if you prefer smaller planters over the usual big ones. Adding an instant burst of freshness to any space, these planters provide a minimalist yet captivating way to bring the beauty of plants into your home. With their unique and aesthetic designs, visitors will surely be intrigued and inquire about these delightful planters.

Fairy lights are one of the most effective and simple ways to add a soft, enchanting glow to any room. Whether in your bedroom, living room, balconies, or terrace, these lights effortlessly light up the space, creating a magical ambience. The best part is, installing fairy lights is a breeze, making them a hassle-free choice to transform your home into a cosy and elegant haven.

These remarkable jute baskets serve as both functional storage solutions and charming décor accents for your living space. Available in a set of multiple baskets, they offer you the creative freedom to arrange and style them to your liking. The added benefit of using these jute baskets is their eco-friendly nature, making your décor choices not only aesthetic but also environmentally conscious and pragmatic.

Mirrors have an uncanny ability to instantly brighten up a room and create an illusion of spaciousness. In the past, decorative mirrors were limited to mountable mirrors or mirror frames. However, modern décor embraces the concept of mirror trays, becoming the perfect accessory for tables. The versatility of mirror trays allows you to customise their look with your choice of accessories, effortlessly adding a touch of glamour to your home décor.

These versatile artificial ivy garlands are perfect for decorating weddings, festivals, safari parties, bedrooms, gardens, fences, floral tributes, swing frames, water pipes, door frames, stairs, and even adding a touch of elegance to LED lights. These artificial ivy vines are UV-resistant, non-fading, and non-flammable, ensuring long-lasting beauty without the worry of wear or leaves falling off. Made with sturdy fabric leaves and flexible plastic stems, these artificial ivy vines can easily bend or be cut down to fit any space and adapt to all weather conditions. Plus, they require no special care or maintenance.

Step aside from simple, plain lamps and embrace the allure of eccentric vases. These eye-catching décor items have the power to revitalise your ordinary home décor, even if used solely as accessories. By using them both as decorative pieces and functional vases, you unlock the full potential of these quirky counterparts, breathing new life into the traditional concept. Embrace these statement vases to infuse your space with a refreshing and unique ambience.

These lamps are truly captivating décor pieces. With their moon-like shape and mystical vibe, they are destined to become the focal point in any space they grace. Available in various colour options, including solid hues, these ethereal-looking lamps offer you the freedom to style them according to your preference, creating an enchanting ambience wherever they shine.

We truly love budget-friendly Amazon finds. Don’t you? 

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