What's The Tea: Delicious Cuppas That May Boost Menstrual Wellness

There's more to period relief than breath work and relaxing asanas; certain herbal teas may help too!

Published On Jan 03, 2024 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


It's no surprise that your period days can be uncomfortable. From cramping to drop in energy levels, menstruation can be quite a chore to go through every month. And there's one remedy that can be both comforting and soothing—herbal teas! While there's no replacement for prescribed medications from medical professionals to ease period discomfort, adding certain brews to your diet may help boost menstrual well overall. Read below to get inspired for your next cuppa.

Usually found in blended teas meant to boost women's health, Shatavari is known as an excellent herb to boost menstrual health. Rich in phytoestrogens, Shatavari tea may help ease PMS symptoms if consumed in your daily diet. It also helps lower cortisol levels that may help improve your energy levels during your menstrual cycle. 

There's more to peppermint tea than just being an after-meal palette reset, they can offer respite from period cramps as well. Menthol is naturally antispasmodic, which means it can help offer relief from constricting pelvic muscles, leading to ease in cramping. So, add a cup or two to your day on days leading up to your period and during super crampy days. 

This one is yet another brew that can be a worthy addition to your daily diet. Known for its excellent detoxifying abilities, dandelion root can help balance progesterone levels in the body, thus regulating flow. It's also known for help relieve symptoms around constipation which can ease discomfort during periods. 

Warm and just the right kind of spicy, cinnamon tea may be a natural way to regulate your flow. A vasodilator, cinnamon can help increase blood flow to the pelvic area, thus help with regularity in bleeding. It is also an anti-inflammatory that can ease discomfort around bloating. All you have to do is boil a cinnamon stick in water for 10-15 minutes and add honey to prepare a delicious brew. 

The lemon-scented member of the mint family, lemon balm tea comes with a chalk full of mood-boosting compounds. Mildly sedative, lemon balm brews can help relieve stress, promote relaxation and improve quality of sleep. Thus, a quick cuppa before you turn in for the night can help you snooze on days when even the lowly tampon can feel unconformable!

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