Mickey Mehta Dry Swims To Boost Immunity

Freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and back stroke, here's how you can do all these in your living room.

Published On Jun 18, 2021 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Let's swim at home. Confused? Watch global leading holistic health guru/corporate life coach, Dr Mickey Mehta's latest video, where he shows how you can boost your immunity by dry swimming in your own living room.

"Immunity is nothing but the coming together of all systems and organs working in a symphony, in harmony of hormones. Your hormones, a healthy digestive system, adequate sleep and plant-based foods determine your immunity," he says, adding that the swimming at home workout; swimming on land, or dry swimming, improves circulation and breathing, stimulates your nervous system and your body, while giving you immunity, high energy, endurance, resilience, tenacity, good stamina, flexibility, agility of the body, and most of all, fun.

Highlighting other benefits of the workout, he further informs that the three-fold focus on breathing, movement and co-ordination enables you to stay sharp, stable, alert and also empowers your lungs. "Two lobes on your left, three lobes on your right get empty and get refilled to complete capacity. Your respiratory tract vibrates, your BMI, and metabolic rate shoot high and give you the best kind of management of body weight and also the best digestion, elimination and regulation."

For this, Dr Mehta wants you to begin by softening your knees, engaging your core and breathing in and out as you do in the freestyle swimming. This exercise he says allows you to gain energy, strength and courage, and get rid of exhaustion, weakness, fears and phobias. “You don't need to count how many times you are swimming, just enjoy the experience."  

"This exercise helps children grow tall, middle-aged people become stronger and energetic, and senior citizens be more mobile, agile, and full of energy," he explains.

Here you engage 80 to 90 per cent of your body. Breathe in as you sit in squat position and join your hands, and breathe out as you stand back up and open your hands. 

“Breathe in hope and breathe out despair, anxiety, insecurities; breathe in faith and live in conviction, confidence and absolute strength," he adds.

In this form of workout, you do the butterfly stroke to move forward and back stroke to move backwards. "It helps stimulate your whole body, your quads, stomach, chest, shoulders, back, lungs, digestive system, and everything else," he says, adding that if you focus completely on the workout, the experience will awaken and enlighten you and give you perception and perspective.  

Breathe in as you take your hands back, breathe out as you bend forward, breathe in as you raise your hand, and stand up and breathe out as you bring your hand down. In the first one you are in butterfly stroke and in the second one you are reversing it to the back stroke.  

He concludes saying whenever one sits in silence for meditation or stands in prayer, the body anchors, the mind centres and the five senses synthesise and become one. 

Photo: Zee Zest