Detox And Destress With A Wellness Routine At Naad Wellness, Sonipat

A staycation at this wellness retreat calms your senses and urges you to introspect.

Published On Aug 03, 2022 | Updated On Mar 08, 2024


“Say what you may, I only feel energized when a cup of tea goes down my system…” “Can I please get a black coffee at least?” “Can you please give me another roti?”

These are the most common remarks/requests one hears at Ahara, the dining space of Naad Wellness. As earnest as they may sound, the staff doesn’t oblige. This wellness retreat, a strict no-caffeine-no-alcohol-no-tobacco zone is like no other—it sticks to its ethos notwithstanding the disapprovals/walkouts et al. Naad, named after the sound vibration that echoes through the universe, is a thing of beauty. Tastefully designed with handmade tiles sourced from Gujarat’s Rajkot, a walk through every fragrant corridor of Naad resonating with soft chanting brings you close to well-being and healing. Rooted in the philosophies of Ayurveda and naturopathy, experiences at Naad are custom-made according to individual body requirements. 


Sitting pretty in the outskirts of Delhi NCR, Naad Wellness is an honest attempt to bring semblance to the life of city people who have got so used to the hustle culture that a break seems like a jolt. But, it is this jolt that perhaps helps them rethink their life, choices, and food habits. 

I visited Naad Wellness on a rather rainy day in Delhi. After the traditional aarti welcome, I was taken to my room where a crisp white kurta pyjama awaited me. That’s just one of the things at Naad that urges you to forget your usual wardrobe dilemmas and get into a simpler life with élan. It’s almost like a big extended family at the retreat with most of the guests walking around in the same pristine white outfit. Post this was the important part of the stay—a consultation with the resident Ayurveda and naturopathy doctors. A thorough analysis followed, which began with my BMI (Body Mass Index) assessment and went on to my lifestyle, food habits, stress and more. With all the information at hand, the experts at Naad now were at work to design my two-day itinerary. 


While that was happening, it was time for breakfast. After a small serving of fruit, I was given two paper-thin moong dal chillas topped with shredded vegetables and with a side of tomato chutney. This was just the beginning of the many stellar meals at Naad. The retreat follows a gluten-free and vegan regime and its meals are designed according to these philosophies. Think millets such as barley, ragi, and bajra, and red rice, and homemade coconut and almond milk. While there might be wellness retreats offering healthy food, Naad wins over most easily thanks to the sheer variety it offers to the pizza-loving denizens. So if dinner on day one was a delicious bowl of millet roti noodles, the next day was a scrumptious soba noodle sizzler served with a protein-rich chickpea tikki. Everything, though, is designed according to individual body requirements—from the meals to the non-alcoholic, detox beverages including wheatgrass shots, ash-gourd juice, ajwain and tulsi tea, and more.


Speaking of body requirements, my two-day itinerary was planned under a ‘wellness routine’, which meant an overall detox with a focus on de-stressing the body and mind with therapies and food.

My day at Naad began at 6 am with oil pulling. The itinerary advised me to go for a morning walk post that and I followed it like an obedient child. I had no reason not to, considering the lush green environs of the property. I was then called for a morning detox drink which was ash gourd juice on the first day and wheatgrass shot the next day. Soon after, a knock on my door by my therapist announced it was time for my therapy—Abhayanga. This classic Ayurvedic massage included massaging the whole body with medicated oil, and stimulating lymphatic circulation. The therapists at Naad are experts in their craft and leave you with a happy smile long post the therapy. 


Every limb of my body felt relaxed and rejuvenated and I couldn’t help but take a siesta to enjoy the experience. I was woken up by a call announcing it was time for lunch, which was another soul-satisfying experience comprising beetroot bajra roti, small bowls with different vegetables, and a ragi cake to finish off the meal. A guided meditation session in the evening completed my perfect day at Naad. 

The next day began with a similar routine and I was taken for a ‘therapeutic massage’, which involved the therapist massaging my pressure points and releasing all the tensions in my body. A guided yoga session brought some vigour back into my body. However, post lunch came the most favourite part of my stay at Naad—a 15-minute session in the Salt Cave. One of Naad’s signature features, the Salt Cave is a warm and inviting space designed to help guests relieve their body of pollutants and feel the detoxification of salt. This was followed by the most fascinating synchronized foot reflexology where three therapists blindfold their guests and do half an hour of foot massage. 


Naad might have got everything right as far as wellness is concerned but I ended up with a splitting headache by the second day. The naturopathy doctor attributed it to the sudden lifestyle change and a lack of my regular dose of tea/coffee. To be honest, though, the Naad experience made even the pain worthwhile. How else would we city brats live such a clean and peaceful life even for a couple of days? 

Perhaps that is why all the dining room guests’ complaints at Naad are peppered with a dose of happiness.


Address: Naad Marg, Ansal Sushant City, Kundli, Sector 62, Sonipat, Haryana

Stay for three nights Rs 49,500

Contact Number: 91-124-6030-400

Photo: Shutterstock; Instagram/ Naad Wellness