Berries And The Big O Connection Decoded

Apart from health benefits, let's talk about the glorious aah-fter-effects of eating berries.

Published On Apr 04, 2021 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


A bit of cream dribbles down your palm, you lick your hand deliriously, your tongue tracing the sweet arc in a playful attempt to take it all in. As you plunge the spatula into freshly whipped cream, bright red berries sit in a bowl, crying for attention. You pick one, a round, delicate fruit, plump with juice and delicious flavours; hold one between your thumb and forefinger and give it a gentle squeeze before popping it into your mouth. It bursts into sweet and tart flavours—the flesh and juice meld together into a morsel of seductive beauty. The luscious fruit has jump-started your sense of anticipation and you reach out for another… 


The allure and charm of a berry, a ripe red raspberry, a tart blueberry, bright goji or plump junipers—lies in devouring it with your bare hands, in a sensory indulgence that is heightened by surrendering to the fruit. The trick is in letting the fragrance of the berries draw you in, relishing the shape and texture of this tiny, fragile fruit and allowing yourself to slow down, soak it in and immerse yourself in the moment. Much like a sack sesh with your beloved. Heck berries have a role to play in putting you on the highway to O. They’re the food of love, speeding things up between the sheets.

Ever since our ancestors evolved beyond hunting-gathering, humanity has been in search of potent aphrodisiacs and love potions. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexual love, was known to be exponentially beautiful at lovemaking. Since she rose from the sea, seafood was deemed an aphrodisiac. 

Eros symbolised sexual passion and desire which was attributed to loss of control – the author CS Lewis even viewed this love as dangerous, a possessive, obsessive kind of love that could turn into an addiction. Indian mythology has celebrated sexual love, between the gods and celestial nymphs or apsaras, between sages, kings and commoners. Our treatise on love—the Kama Sutra—even has a chapter on aphrodisiacs. The ancients from all civilizations pursued the idea of love potions that would bring them strength and vitality, and good sex!

Renowned sexologist, Dr A Kumar from Kaya Kalp International, a sex and health clinic in Mumbai says, “Berries and other fruits such as dates are known to improve your immunity which in turn has an impact on your sex life. Berries are one of the best antioxidants out there, improve blood sugar and lower cholesterol. It's not like consuming berries will instantly boost your sex life, great sex comes from a healthy body and mind. Berries are facilitators not the drivers.”

Contemporary literature and cinema have cast berries as a catalyst for steamy scenes in the bedroom. They’re sensual, suggestive, sweet. Delightful edible toys to play around with—to tickle, hide, nibble on and squeeze leaving a trail of sweet juice to lick off. Check. Check. Check?

Then there are the healthy bits. Berries contain zinc, a micronutrient that is especially known to increase libido and improve sexual health. Zinc improves testosterone levels, ergo, frequency of intimate moments.

So how do ''love foods'' really work for you? Considering there is no definitive research to suggest a direct link between berries and better sex, what is it about them that get things going? We look at science for that answer —which says that aphrodisiacs work in two ways. They are naturally healthy foods that keep your body working optimally, and they work on the mind to steam things up. Start with tickling your partner's nape with a few bright red cherries, we say!

Is it a mind game? Probably yes! The sensual colours and shapes, the immersive flavours that create an uptick in the emotions leading to a heightened sense of anticipation, along with the dopamine released when eating something pleasurable. If you are in the habit of munching on berries frequently, it points to healthy food choices and will mean a solid immunity, good metabolism and lower blood pressure—all the prerequisites for good sex!

So, can some berries boost your sex drive and put you on the fast lane to O? According to Men’s Journal blueberries boost dopamine levels and Juniper and Goji berries are considered to heighten erotic pleasure in men. Strawberries are vitamin-rich, juicy and oh so sensual. The attractive colour and erotic shape of Goji berries are not just suggestive, they are heart-healthy and boost energy levels. Guarana, a climbing plant that is native to Venezuela has berries that are known to be stimulants.

Our advice? Don’t go looking for magic potions—go grab a handful of ingredients, then grab your partner, and cook up your very own feast of love!

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