Where to Find the Juiciest Rosogollas in Kolkata

We explored the old streets of the City of Joy to find the best places that serve this sweet delight.

Published On Feb 03, 2021 | Updated On Mar 07, 2024


Any meal in this part of the country is incomplete without gobbling down a few soft and juicy Rosogollas. The craze for Rosogollas have accelerated ever since West Bengal received the GI tag in 2017. Just for dummies, Rosogolla is one of the most popular sweets found in Bengal. Its primary ingredients are chenna (cottage cheese), semolina dough, and sugar syrup.

One of the best areas to indulge in this delicacy is the North of Kolkata. Characterised by narrow lanes and hand-pulled rickshaws, this old part of Kolkata is home to some of the most legendary sweet shops including the self-proclaimed Rosogolla inventor!

Are you all set for the trail? Do not try driving down these narrow lanes. Aim for an authentic experience by flagging down a yellow cab or commute by the vintage trams; or best still, on foot.

Quite literally, father of K.C. Das, Nobin Chandra Das is hailed as the inventor of Rosogollas. It is believed that K.C. Das introduced tinned Rosogollas and made sure it’s easy to carry this spongy sweetmeat from Kolkata to London, but it was his father who perfected the recipe back in the day. 

While the Classic Rosogolla is quite a mouthful here, one must try the Diabetic Rosogolla where sugar is substituted with Sorbitol syrup. Almost the same level of sweetness, lesser the calories. Rejoice! 

Address: 77, Jatindra Mohan Ave, Sovabazar, Kolkata 

Next up is Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar. Helmed by the sixth generation of the family, it is a small, easy-to-miss shop, but not if you proclaim to be a Rosogolla fan. These happy spheres come in three different sizes here, based on your appetite for a heady sugar rush.

They also make hot Rosogollas from 9 to 11 am every day, which are sure to make your winters a tad bit warmer. 

Address: 34B, Shyambazar Street, Kolkata 

Barely 25 steps away from the legendary Chittaranjan, rests the 65-year-old establishment of sweets—Bhabhatarini. Their best sellers include the classic spongy Rosogolla and the must-try Raw Mango Rosogolla. 

Address: 35, Shyambazaar Street  

Apart from serving the traditional Rosogolla, this fourth generation sweet-makers will tempt you into taking a plunge into the world of flavours. Kesar, Vanilla, Nolen Gur and Orange (also known as Kamala Bhog) are the delectable options to choose from.

Our personal favourite has to be the much-loved Nolen Gur—one that screams Kolkata! 

Address: 64/1, Ram Dulal Sarkar Street

If you are the kinds who prefers denser Rosogollas over the spongy variety, then the last spot is just for you! Over a century and a half old, Putiram is nestled in one of the busiest areas of Kolkata, College Square. The Rosogollas here are slightly dense compared to other sweet shops that serve the ultra spongy ones. 

The difference in texture is due to the difference in the ratio of chenna and semolina dough. Owing to its proximity to a lot of colleges, the prices haven’t hit the roof yet, but their Rosogullas hit the right sweet spot. 

Address: 12A, Surya Sen Street, College Street, Kolkata 

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