The Full Dope On Sophie Choudry’s Favourite Meals And Restaurants

Careful eating habits and well thought out meal plans keep the actor in perfect shape.

Published On Mar 31, 2021 | Updated On Mar 06, 2024


Definitely breakfast! You call it 'break-fast' for a reason. I wake up hungry and excited to start my day with a good meal. My first sip is my detox tea Fit Tox, followed by either poached or scrambled eggs with a slice of toast. Then a cup of herbal tea.


Sometimes I have porridge with almond milk and berries, or avocado toast. I used to eat fruit aplenty earlier but then realised that it causes a lot of acidity in my system.

Giving up fruit and regular tea was one of the toughest things I have ever done in my life. I used to start my day with these and then have some throughout the day. Now I only eat berries, and once in a while, I have a seasonal fruit.

I have coconut water and malai every day, as well as peeled and soaked almonds, and one date. I love dark chocolate so I have a piece whenever I feel like it. I have a sweet tooth but a couple of years ago, I gave up adding sugar to my tea and coffee and cut down completely on biscuits. I believe if you are going to snack, then make healthy choices.

(Oh dear!) I have perfected the art of eating. My mother still does not let me into the kitchen often unless it is to cook pasta, crepes or simply put together a salad.

Japanese, Thai and French.

I would probably indulge my sweet tooth and have waffles or the insane pancakes by my friend chef Kelvin Cheung. They are to die for.

I have cut down on all acidic and high fructose foods which include tea, fruit and all sugar products. It is important to enjoy your food but you have to make healthy choices. It is a known fact that keeping your body in an alkaline state is far healthier. It prevents acidity amongst many other health issues.

I eat a lot of vegetables, soups, salads but I am very strict about not eating anything raw after 4 pm because that overloads my digestive system. I take vitamin supplements every day to make sure I have all I need in case I cannot get it all naturally.

I was a complete milk baby. I love dairy products. But I have given those up too because adults do not need milk. I opt for soya or better still almond milk now. Dinner is the lightest meal of my day. I have pretty much just a fresh vegetable soup with some steamed vegetables.

I drink a lot of herbal teas. Fit Tox to start my day, peppermint tea post-lunch, a digestive tea later in the day. It is much better for you than regular tea. And yes, once in a while hot water with lemon too

No, but I do enjoy vegetarian food so at least once or twice a week I am vegetarian.

I am an absolute foodie. I love good food. It is one of the pleasures of life. Beautiful fresh produce, simply cooked is just the best. I like eating healthy, tasty food and I’m not someone who could ever starve to lose weight.

Bastian in Mumbai, especially for Sunday brunch. The truffle eggs and the chocolate chip pancakes are the best I’ve ever had. Nara Thai in Mumbai has wonderful Thai food and I love a good spicy green curry with some rice. Yauatcha is one of the best restaurants in Mumbai. Their prawn dim sum and duck pancakes are delicious and the lamb with raw mango is a favourite.


Pali Village Cafe in Mumbai has the perfect balance of healthy and yummy food. I love the chicken with artichoke, the pumpkin quinoa construct and the quinoa salad. Sequel in Mumbai is great for a healthy salad. Their sweet potato pancakes and coconut pancakes are wonderful and healthy and they do a great almond milk latte.

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